You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 6

You touched my heart Season 2 Part 6

K:Do you still love Arnav?

Sameera was silent for a moment.

Sam:I used to hate Arnav.But after realizing the truth my hatred for him got vanished.I started liking him again.But is it love or not I don’t know.Arnav is only yours Khushi.

Khushi smiled.Slowly her face became dull.

K:But what if when Arnavji comes back to normal he will want to be with you?Will you accept him again?

Sameera was finding it difficult to face Khushi.Sameera’s silence made Khushi upset.

She thought:I got your answer Sameera.

She felt pain.

She thought:Why I find it so painful?

Before Sameera could answer Arnav said:Khushi,let’s go home.I want to sleep.I feel tired.

K:Ok Arnavji.We will go home.

Sam:Bye Khushi and thanks for bringing Arnav here.

K:Bye Sameera.

They went back home.



Khushi’s question haunted Sameera.

She thought:Why life is playing such a strange game with us?

Sameera at home…

She looked at hers and Arnav’s old photographs.Unknowingly a smile appeared on her face remembering their past moments.



Flash back….

Seeing Arnav-Sameera together his friends made fun of them.

“Hey Arnav…is she your girl friend?”

Arn:She is not my girl friend.

Sameera felt bad and looked at him in shock.She felt sad that Arnav refused to admit that they are seeing each other.

Arnav held her close and introduced her to his friends.

Arn:Meet my love Sameera.

She looked at him in disbelief.

Arn:I don’t prefer to call her my girl friend.I prefer to call her my love.

She was very happy and put her arm around his shoulder proudly.


Sameera looked at another photograph.



Flash back…

Sameera wore a traditional Indian Attire and jewellery for their first date.

Arnav admired her beauty:Sameera…you look gorgeous.Never thought you would look so beautiful in Indian attire.

She blushed.


Guman saw Sameera looking at the photographs..


Sameera hid the photographs and looked at her.


Gum:Still these photographs are with you?So was your hatred for Arnav a drama?I thought when you hated him you destroyed all the memories related to him.But you are still cherishing those moments?

Sam:No mom.Actually I didn’t even want to touch these photographs.Because I hated Arnav that much.But it’s been proved that he is innocent.So I just had look at these photographs.

Gum:Sam…don’t forget that you are engaged.Arnav is your past which can never be your present or future.

Sameera became upset.

Sam:I know that mom.And I promise that I will never go against you.I will marry the person you chose for me.

Guman smiled:Sorry..I over reacted.

Sameera kept quiet.Guman patted her shoulder.

Sameera walked to the garden and burst into tears.

Sam:It’s my fault.Because of my mistake only I lost Arnav.He can never be mine again.I have lost him forever.I don’t deserve Arnav.

Khushi kept looking at Arnav sleeping.

She sat on the couch thinking:Sheetal…only she can tell the truth.With the details Amanji has given I will trace her house.

Khushi slept on the couch thinking about meeting Sheetal.

The next day…

Aman rang up Khushi.

Am:Khushi…today Sheetal won’t be there at home.


Am:I had gone there to confirm that she stays there.The neighbours told me that she will come back only tomorrow.She is on a London trip.

K:London?What is she doing there?

Aman smirked:Khushi…Sheetal is not a cheap call girl.She is a call girl who accompanies rich business men to foreign countries.


Khushi messaged Sameera about this.Sameera got disappointed.

Sam:Horrible Sheetal.But I will catch her tomorrow.




Khushi was busy folding clothes.

Arnav got irritated sitting on the bed.

Arn:Khushi,I want to sleep.

K:Ok sleep.

Arn:Sit near me.

K:Ok baba.

Khushi sat near him on the bed.


Arn:How can I sleep?Don’t you know that without hugging you I cannot sleep.

Khushi face became dull.

She thought:Hey Devi maiyya…what is this?Arnavji is still a child at heart.So it’s easy for him.But for me it’s not easy.Now a days even sitting close to Arnavji and sharing his bed is becoming tough for me.

She looked at him.His dark brown eyes attracted her.

Ek Din Aap Yuun Hamako Mil Jaaenge

Phuul Hii Phuul Raahon Men Khil Jaaenge

Maine Sochaa Na Thaa

Arn:Khushi…hug me.

Khushi started sweating.

He got angry:I said hug.

Slowly Khushi placed his head on the pillow and embraced him shivering.

Ek Din Zindagii Itanii Hogii Hasiin

Jhuumegaa Aasamaan Gaaegii Ye Zamiin

Maine Sochaa Na Thaa

Her heart beat fast.

Dhak dhak dhak dhak…

He closed his eyes embracing her.

She started breathing heavily.

Dil Kii Daalii Men Kaliyaan Khilane Lagiin

Jab Nigaahen Nigaahon Se Milanen Lagiin

“Hey Devi Maiyya!”

She lost her control and tightened the embrace.

Ek Din Is Tarah Hosh Kho Jaaenge

Paas Aaenge Madahosh Ho Jaaenge

She looked at him sleeping peacefully.She smiled.

Maine Sochaa Na Thaa

Ek Din Aap Yuun (Yes Boss).

Slowly she also fell asleep embracing him.


Khushi and Arnav reached a house.The door was open.They got inside easily.

Sheetal was standing there.

A:Is this a palace Khushi?It looks so huge.

Hearing them talk Sheetal turned back.She was shocked.

S:Arnav Singh Raizada?

K:So you remember his face though you have seen him only once.

Sheetal:Whatare you saying?I don’t know both of you.

A:Khushi,who is she?I don’t know her.

Sheetal smirked:See…even he is saying that he doesn’t know me.I uttered his name as I have seen him on TV.

K:Ok…fine.But being a silly call girl how come you are staying in a palace?

Sheetal was shocked.

S:How dare you call me a call girl?

K:Don’t raise your voice.I know everything about you.Tell me who gifted you this palace like house?I am sure that it’s the same person who offered you this huge Mansion for creating misunderstandings between Sameera and Arnavji.It’s the same person who released you from the jail.Tell me.

Sheetal:Get out.

Suddenly Sameera came inside.

Sam:You can’t escape unless you tell us the truth you blo*dy Sheetal.

Sameera slapped Sheetal.It was a blow for Sheetal.

Sam:Tell…or should I call the police?

Sheetal shivered.


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