Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai # Story After A Leap ( CHAPTER 10)

In SUV 3.

All decided to play truth or dare

First Rohan,  Arjun, Nishu , Arvind and Akshara.  In this sequence.

Arjun:- truth or dare?

Rohan:- truth

Nishu:-  Any girlfriends??

Rohan:- upto now noo.

Akshara:- truth or dare Arjun??

Arjun:- Dare

Rohan:- propose to Ramya infront of vatsal.

Nishu:- are they both lovers??

Akshara:- yes. They are childhood sweethearts

Arjun:- ok. Done.

Arvind:- truth or dare Nishu??

Nishu:- Dare

Akshara:- keep eye contact with my bhai continuously upto 2 minutes.

Rohan:- but how is it possible now??

Akshara:- not now later.

Rohan:- truth or dare Arvind?

Arvind:- Dare

Arjun:- open up your feelings to Akshu.

Rohan:- what feelings?

Arvind:- I have done it .

Nishu:- when?

Arvind:- before this journey.

Rohan:- you really like her? Are you serious?

Arvind:- I liked her the moment I saw her.  Her innocence,  her childish behavior,  her respect towards family, I respect her as I respect my mom.  But after yesterday’s things,  I thought if I not say my heart now, then I can’t able to do it ever.

Rohan:- good luck.

Arjun:-  are you serious? You are saying good luck to the person who was proposing your sister??

Rohan:- yes. I can feel his genuine feelings.  I never force my sister. She is the princess.  She had her own right  .

All looked towards Akshu. She looked down.

Arvind:- Yar, Don’t look like that . It looks like we are forcing her to accept me.

Arjun:- ok. What dare I have to give?

Nishu:- then confess your feelings for her to her father.

Akshara:- what??

Arvind:- ok.

Akshara looked towards Arvind.  He blinked in Assurances.

Arjun:- then Akshu truth or dare?

Akshara:- dare

Nishu:- kiss bhai ..

Arvind, Akshara and Rohan:-  what?

Nishu:- guy’s this  is game. Akshu u have to do it.

Rohan and Arjun looked front. Nishu looked outside.

Akshara looking here and there not able think what to do.

Arvind understood her situation.  He forwarded his hand.

Akshara understood and placed a small kiss on his hand.  An unknown emotion was passed inside Akshara.  And  chill shock passed down the spine of Arvind when her soft lips touched his hands.

After some time  they reached a daba to eat lunch. All took places , Akshu sat between Kartik and Kairav.

They ate lunch.  They sat there for some time.  Arjun went near Ramya.

Arjun:- Ramya,  I like u so much.

Vatsal heard it and was about to punch Arjun  then Akshu  stopped him.

Akshu:- relax, it’s  just  a dare.

Vatsal:- what??

Rohan:- yes. I gave the dare. To see your reaction.

Vatsal:- this is not fair bhai.

Arjun:- now your turn Nishu.

Nishu and Rohan sat on chairs opposite to each other.

Akshara started the timer.  They both are starting each other.  Upto 2 minutes.

Akshara:-  guy’s completed.

Manish:-  children start journey.

All:- ok .

They all sat in their respective SUV ‘s .

In SUV 3

They were traveling.

Nishu sat beside Rohan.

Akshu was sleepy and  slept putting her head on window.

Arvind saw her unconvince and put her head on his shoulder.

Nishu:- oho taking care??

Arvind:- shhhhh…. slowly

She chuckled slowly.

Rohan was happy to see his sister in safe hands.

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