Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahima scolding Akshu. Akshu says I got to know that Neil is here and came running here. Suwarna says its Neil’s matter, not Akshu’s, lets end it here, calm down Mahima ji. Abhi says my brother doesn’t want to come home with me right now, I don’t want him to stay on road, if you all keep him for a few days… Kairav says don’t worry, Neil is like our brother. Abhi thanks him and leaves. Mahima and Akshu also leave. Anand says Neil is with Goenkas, Mahima had called, Neil is fine. Harsh says its good he didn’t do anything, else everyone would have gone mad, sorry, I m just thinking of Birla hospital reputation, if this matter goes out, then everything will end. Anand says there is a way to get saved from this insult. Harsh says tell me what to do, I m ready to do anything. Anand sees Manjiri….

Abhi, Mahima and Akshu see the media at the gate. Shefali, Parth and Anand answer the calls. Mahima asks what do they want now, did they get to know about Harsh, take the car from the back gate. The reporters see Abhi and go to ask about Neil’s DNA match. Abhi drives inside the gate. They get down the car. Akshu stumbles. He holds her hand. He goes. Manjiri asks why didn’t Neil come with you. He says he is fine, he will come. He wipes her tears. Shefali says I wonder who told the media. Parth says you might have done this. She asks him to keep some faith. Abhi says we should tell them the truth. Anand nods to Harsh. Harsh goes to Manjiri and apologizes. She gets shocked. He says I m sorry for everything, forgive me, whatever happened, I know you are much hurt, I m really sorry. Manjiri says don’t say sorry. Harsh says please forgive me. Abhi starts laughing and claps, saying sorry…. They hear the reporters taunting Harsh about Neil.

Abhi says wow, what an acting, you are saying sorry to my mum, are you okay, are you drunk. Anand asks Abhi not to spoil the things. Abhi says Manjiri is shivering when Harsh said sorry, he has hurt her a lot. Anand says don’t get between a husband and wife. Abhi says he has to answer everything today, you have always scolded her, now sorry. Akshu says mum is so hurt, stop it Abhi. He says he should keep his meaningless sorry to himself, I know him well, I know he has no regret. Harsh says its not like that. Anand says try to understand, there is no meaning in dragging this matter. Abhi says if he regretted, then he would have apologized before. Harsh says you don’t know anything, you couldn’t understand me, its between Manjiri and me. Abhi says no, its my mum’s matter, this sorry is just to save the reputation, I know you well, but you don’t know me, you can’t hide the truth more, your truth will come out today, mum was helpless so she kept quiet, we have no fear of anyone now, bad happened with Neil, not anymore. Abhi says I wish Harsh thought of family first. Akshu says calm down. Abhi opens the door for the media. The reporters asks for the truth, whose son is Neil. Abhi says Neil is Harsh’s son.

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