Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi creates a scene

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu coming to the kitchen to help Manjiri. Abhi comes and signs Akshu. Chali aa tu chali aa….plays… Abhi signs sorry and asks her to come. Akshu signs him to go. Abhi goes. Akshu asks servant to do his work. She goes to the room. She asks Abhi to stop doing exercise. He asks why. She says you are already hot, girls will get after you. They have a talk. She says I should get upset with you. He sorry, I was tired. She says I was going to convince you, you are too sweet. He says you are getting much attention, when you don’t get it… She says I will snatch it, you are my husband. He says you look in a different mood today. He gets close to her. Neil comes alerting them that he is coming. They get up. Neil says Manjiri is calling both of you, what happened, why is Abhi staring at me. Abhi signs him to go. Abhi thinks to take Akshu somewhere for mini honeymoon. Manjiri takes the adoption papers. She tears the papers and trashes it. Harsh looks on and asks what are you doing. She says cleaning. She asks servant to take the papers and burn it. She goes to serve the breakfast. One paper falls there with the child’s pic. Parth and Shefali argue and pass by. Neil comes there and doesn’t see the paper. Manjiri asks Akshu to finish the food. Mahima says you won’t get special treatment there. Harsh says you will know what’s to work outside. Akshu says I have no problem, my sincerity will be the same. Mahima asks her to become a motivational speaker. Akshu asks her to wish her good luck, not demotivate her. She says Abhi had asked me to prove herself and make an identity. Anand says all the best, you will make our name shine. Mahima says all the best. Akshu says be it staff or the owner, everyone should go on time. She asks Abhi to come fast. Abhi says sorry, you will never get late because of me. She drops the file. The adoption paper gets mixed with her papers. They leave.

Akshu says Abhi made me reach on time. She sees a patient asking for Dr. Naveen. Nurse talks to her rudely and asks her to leave. Akshu says give her an appointment. Nurse says its your first day, you mind your own work. Akshu hears the people talking bad about the charitable hospital. She calls Abhi. Abhi say you missed me soon. Akshu says I called for some work. He asks what happened, shall I come. She tells about the woman needing treatment for her son, can you refer her. She gets the adoption paper and recalls Manjiri’s words. She thinks how was this paper fallen there. She gives Birla hospital address to the lady and asks her to go there and ask for Abhimanyu Birla. She hears Abhi shouting and turns. She sees Abhi scolding the staff. The lady asks is this your husband. Akshu sys yes. Abhi scolds the hospital officers. The man asks why will we refuse, you are mistaken, calm down, I will call Dr. Naveen, he will come, this won’t happen again. He blames the nurse. Abhi says I don’t care about the internal matter, you take money from the govt, you should take care of the needy. Abhi gets angry hearing the nurses talking about Akshu. He leaves. Akshu signs no to him. He goes out. She says we don’t have to fight, I was sending the lady to you. He says I m not doing any mistake. They argue. She says sometimes we have to stay silent, I was sending the lady to you for treatment, I can manage here, I also understand things, matter got spoilt here. He says fine, sorry. He leaves. She sees everyone staring at her. Abhi vents anger by throwing a man’s moving stall. He pays the man and helps him. He leaves.

Akshu comes home. She says I will talk to Abhi. Harsh, Anand and Mahima come home. Harsh scolds Akshu. He says you called Abhi there and insulted him, you thought we won’t know, we know everything. She says maybe someone gave you a wrong news, I asked Abhi to help the needy, he came there and got angry on the staff. He says you know his anger and then didn’t think. Mahima and Harsh scold Akshu. Akshu gets sad. Manjiri feels bad. Harsh says get water for us. He taunts Manjiri. He says someone will come from hospital today for DNA testing. Manjiri gets tensed and drops the water glasses. Harsh scolds her. Akshu asks Manjiri is she fine. Anand asks Akshu to relax, water was not hot. He asks Manjiri is she fine. Manjiri thinks did Harsh know anything, why is he talking of DNA test. Akshu asks her is she okay, sit, why is she worried. Abhi comes and worries seeing Manjiri. She says I m fine, why is Harsh asking for DNA test. Abhi says its just to give samples, to check our efficient staff, some children and parents use this test to identify their parents. Manjiri gets shocked.
Harsh asks what will Manjiri do there. Abhi says Birla hospital is made on Manjiri’s dad’s land, she is my land, she will come. He names the doctors. He says Avni Rathod. Harsh and Manjiri look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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