Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu supports Parth’s career choice

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi complimenting Akshu. He says I was busy in surgery, sorry. She asks why, our date didn’t get cancelled. He says food isn’t here. She says feelings matter. He says feelings are getting intensified. She says dinner will happen here, we will go for a long drive. He thinks about the hotel suite he booked. They sit talking. They feed the pizza to each other. Jaaniye….plays…. He gets close. She gets up and goes. He stops her and pulls her close. They dance. They lie inside the tent.

She asks him to get up. She makes him lie on the table and checks him, acting as his doctor. She says we will go and have icecream. He says you look so cute. He asks himself to focus. He says dinner, icecream and long drive, then the hotel suite. Parth and Shefali argue. Everyone hears them. Anand shouts and asks them to stop it. Mahima also scolds them. Akshu comes home. Anand asks Shefali to close the room door and discuss things. Akshu thinks Abhi is waiting for the car keys, it will get awkward. Harsh asks Parth what’s happening. Shefali says I want him to do a nice job, he left the job for the sake of music. Parth sees Akshu and asks her to come. He says help me in explaining them, we get satisfaction in doing the work which we want, I left the job where I had no respect, I want to do a job that makes me happy, I m ready to work with you, though I have no experience in music therapy. Shefali asks him to start the practice. Parth says that will end my self confidence. Akshu says he can make his passion a profession, don’t belittle music, people has achieved a lot in music, let him try. Mahima says you make him useless. Akshu says music is a big part of our life, there is music everywhere, music industry is vast, Parth can explore it. Parth says I decided to join Akshu. Abhi comes and looks on. Akshu says a music therapist vacancy is there. Parth says amazing, I will come with you.

Anand, Mahima and Harsh refuse to Parth. Parth says I m an adult, you can’t stop me from doing what I want. Anand says don’t challenge me, I can do anything, I won’t stay quiet when its about your life. Abhi says calm down, we will sit and talk. Anand says please stay out of it, I m talking to my son. Mahima asks Akshu to stay out this matter, she always comes to give them an advice. Harsh asks will you make Parth sing. Abhi asks Harsh not to talk this way with Akshu. He defends Akshu. He says Parth will take the decision, not us. Harsh says Parth’s career is getting ruined. Abhi says give him some time and support, then see what he does, stop monitoring everyone, especially Akshu, she was living happy before and she can live happy in future, let us breathe, I feel suffocated. He leaves. Akshu goes after him. He asks why did you talk in between, Parth can fight himself. She says he got emotional and requested me, I told about the requirement, I didn’t think this will happen. He says you should think, be it anniversary or job, the result will be same. Harsh asks Mahima to be strict with Parth.

He says he will go with Akshu and play music, we can’t control Abhi, we know his temper, we can control Parth, he is a reasonable guy. Abhi asks did you forget your promise. She says no, but you took my side. He says they are habitual of me, and vent anger on you, I can’t tolerate this. Harsh and Anand get glad that they are the number one even now after 35 years. Mahima asks what’s the need to do anything big on founders day. Harsh says two depts are opening. She says one dept is getting shut. He says yes. Anand asks will the DNA reports come tomorrow. Harsh says yes, I asked Aarohi to work hard all night and get me the reports, it’s a gift for the staff on the founders day, their DNA reports. Akshu teases Abhi and runs after her. She jumps on the bed. He says don’t fall down while troubling me. She falls over him. Jaaniye….plays… He holds her. Neil comes and says I will knock thrice and come in. Abhi and Akshu get up. Neil jokes on them. Abhi says there is no emergency, why did you come here. Neil says Harsh and Anand are calling you. Abhi says you could have messaged or called me. He beats Neil. Akshu laughs. Abhi says he won’t disturb us now. He kisses Akshu and goes.
Harsh asks what will Manjiri do there. Abhi says Birla hospital is made on Manjiri’s dad’s land, she is my land, she will come. He names the doctors. He says Avni Rathod. Harsh and Manjiri look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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