Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Saloni bonds with Rastogis

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 31st May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Armaan joking on Saloni. She says you would have not identified me if I met you somewhere else, I used to share chocolates with you. Krish comes and hugs Sudha. Saloni says Krish, the naughty little boy. He hugs her. He says I had a meeting with the investors. Sudha says Armaan didn’t tell me anything. They all talk. Armaan thinks to get Brij treated soon, hope Diya is fine there. Diya takes the pics of the report. She keeps the file. Palki says I was finding your old pics. Palki says we shall click new ones. Saloni says Armaan couldn’t come to pick us, because his watch is not working, he has changed after marriage. She pulls his ear. He says you are scolding me a lot. She says you didn’t invite me in your marriage, where is Diya. Sudha gets angry and asks about Diya. Palki and Diya come to the kitchen. Diya sees Anju and worries for her.

Sudha asks what, I know the pain of losing a husband, I m thinking what is Anju going through, take me there. Armaan says not today, Diya got to now it, but Anju asked me not to tell anyone. Sudha gets dizzy. Saloni says we have to stay strong for Diya’s sake, it’s a tough time for her, she has to handle her dad and herself also. She asks Sudha to have the lemonade. Krish agrees with Saloni. Saloni asks Armaan if he remembers how he used to motivate her. She asks him to just support Diya, she really needs him.

Palki talks to someone about tuition classes. Diya asks Brj what is he finding. He says I m sorting my medicines. Diya helps him. He asks what happened. He says this medicine expired. He laughs and says we could have got our expiry date written, then we could have done everything we wanted. Anju asks him not to do philosophy, don’t say such things. She cries. He says I was joking. They insist him to have the juice. Saloni serves the food to everyone. Armaan refuses. She insists. He scolds her. Sudha says she is saying for your good. Saloni says I won’t get scared of her scolding, have the food. He says fine, I will see your husband’s state when you get married. She asks them to have food. She feeds him by her hands. She keeps the phone there. Palki says I will schedule the classes. Diya says don’t get many students. Brij asks Diya to go home now. Diya says I will go. Anju and Palki hug her. Diya’s phone falls. Brij picks it and doesn’t see the report. Diya takes her phone. She leaves. She says Armaan didn’t call or message, I hope everything is fine at him. She calls him. Saloni bonds with the family. She gives them the temple prasad. Armaan thinks of Diya. He goes to check his phone. Saloni shows the friendship band. He says its childish things. She asks him to tie it to her hand. He asks when will your kiddishness end. She says never, that way we will stop living, make a wish, that is the most imp for you. He wishes that Brij gets fine. Diya comes home and sees them.

Saloni says I lost my Nanu due to cancer, I will pray for your dad. Diya hugs her. Doctor says this treatment will cost around 20-25 lakhs. Anju is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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