Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Krish lies to Palki

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 2nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brij asking Anju what is she finding. She says sindoor. He finds it and says you didn’t see it, so that I apply it to you, else my turn comes on karwachauth, shall I apply. She asks is this anything to ask. He applies the sindoor. She hugs him and cries. She sees Rocky’s pamphlet. Madhu says I can arrange alliance for Saloni. Saloni gets shy. Madhu asks her to see the guys’ pics and biodata. Saloni smiles and turns away. Madhu asks her to just see. Madhu says I will show the best guy, he is perfect for you. Saloni sees Armaan’s pic and says Armaan. Sudha says its Armaan’s pic. Madhu says its old pic, forget it, do you want to get married or not. Armaan asks Diya to talk to the doctor. Diya asks the doctor to help her. Doctor says you can get him to the hospital, but chances of recovery are less, the choice is yours, patient will undergo much pain. Diya tries to call her friend’s suggested doctor. Armaan asks her to be positive. He says we have sent the reports to many doctors, I m sure we will get some positive response. Diya gets a work call. The boss asks her to send the event plan in 2 hours. Diya says yes, I will send it. She notes down. He asks her to relax, not to take load. She says I have to work as a one woman army. He hugs her. He says relax, everything will be done, I know its tough, but every woman does work every day, I can’t work perfectly like you, I will try, I asked Ramkali to get me the grocery list, I will order it alone and get Brij’s medicines, focus on the event, I love you. She says I m lucky to get you, I love you. He says I m more lucky to get a caring, loving and super woman wife. They smile.

Saloni makes all the arrangements. Pandit comes. She greets him and asks is everything fine. He says great, shubh mahurat will end in 15 mins, we will sprinkle the purifying water and then start the Shuddikaran puja. Sudha calls Bhavna and everyone. Pandit blesses Bhavna. Madhu asks Saloni to call Armaan and Diya. Saloni goes to Armaan to call him. She says you got late. He says the sleeve button is troubling me. She says I will button the sleeve, I taught you to tie the shoe lace. Her bracelet gets stuck and she gets pulled towards him. She looks at him. Pandit sees them and blesses them as a couple. Diya and everyone look on. Saloni and Armaan free the bracelet. Saloni says pandit ji, jodi is of Armaan and Diya, they are Ram and Siya of the family. She unites their hands and says bless them that their love and togetherness is forever. Sudha asks pandit to bless them. Pandit blesses Armaan and Diya. Saloni asks Pandit to pray for Diya’s dad also, he is unwell. Pandit says sure. Diya smiles. Krish sees Palki and goes to her. He says I also want to take tuitions from you. She says you look weak in studies, which subject. He says chemistry, I want to understand some chemical formulae. He flirts with her. She understands and jokes. She says I have to take them for tuition. He says don’t worry for dad, everything will get fine soon. She asks why, what will get fine, what happened.

Diya sits working. Saloni gets coffee for her. Diya thanks her. Saloni says no need to say sorry and thanks, you are also a friend now, this rule is also for you. Krish says Brij is tensed for your marriage, once you get married, then everything will get fine. She says very funny, parents will worry for their daughter, how can anyone give their daughter to someone who is dependent on family, they would want an independent son in law, any girl will be happy with you, but one has to be practical and emotional. She goes. Krish smiles and says she told right, beauty with brains, I have to prove it and become something, I have to give everything to Palki what she deserves. Saloni and Diya have a talk. Saloni gives her an idea to keep Matarani ki jagrata. Diya thanks her. Saloni says no thanks. Diya notes down the ideas. They discuss more.

Doctor says I m glad to see you, you will recover soon from blood cancer. Brij and Palki are shocked. Brij asks Anju did she know. Anju says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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