Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Diya thanks Saloni

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha hugging Diya and saying I m so sorry, Armaan just told me, how is Brij now, I wanted to meet him, but Armaan said no one knows it that we know. Diya says he is okay. Sudha says I m also like your mum, don’t worry, your dad will get fine. She hugs Diya. Saloni hugs Diya and gives her prasad. She says I m not a doctor but I know a tight hug relieves the tension, I will introduce myself, I m the one who always wanted Sudha’s Rajma chawal, who taught Bhavna before her exams, who saved Krish from teacher and mum’s beating, who has Armaan’s funny pics, who was excited to meet you. Sudha says she is Saloni, my best friend’s daughter, and their childhood friend. Diya greets. Armaan asks how is dad. Diya nods. Saloni asks will you become my friend. She makes Diya wear the friendship band. She says I lost my Nanu to this disease, I will chant Maha Mrityunjay jaap everyone for your dad and pray that he gets fine. Diya thanks and hugs her. Doctor tells Anju about the treatment.

Anju asks him to do it and save Brij. He says the problem is the expenses, it will cost around 20-25 lakhs. She says it’s a big amount, how will I get so much money. Diya hugs the diary. Armaan comes and asks her to share the tensions. She says dad is going to take tuitions from home to earn money, he did a lot for us, I want to fill his life’s every moment with joy. She sows Brij’s diary. He says bucket list. She nods and says he was engaged in fulfilling our dreams, and now its my turn to fulfil his dreams. He says we will fulfill his dreams and make him happy that he forgets his illness, we will get the best treatment for him. He hugs her. Anju walks lost on the road and thinks of arranging money somehow. She says who shall I call, Armaan, no, it won’t be right to take money from Diya’s Sasural, Brij will get upset, how shall I get such a big amount. Few guys come on the bike. A guy gets down the bike and greets her. He says Brij used to teach me maths, I burnt the crackers under the chair, he got me suspended, he said I will become a zero, tell him that I have become a hero now, I have a business, I give loan to people on interest. He gives her the pamphlet. He says tell me if you need any loan, you can give me two percent less interest. He goes and promotes his business.

Saloni sings the aarti. Bhavna says Diya is singing the aarti. Her sleep gets disturbed. Sudha says Diya has learnt a lot when I was away. Madhu says she didn’t do aarti before. They all come there. Sudha says I didn’t know that you sing aarti so well. Saloni turns to them. Madhu says Diya didn’t come. Saloni says Lord and elders’ blessings are always needed. Sudha blesses her. Armaan and Diya come downstairs. Diya says we got late. He says you were awake till 4pm. Saloni gives the aarti to everyone.

Krish says Madhu sings bhajan so well. Krish praises her. Saloni says she looks pretty. They insist Madhu to sing something. Madhu says fine, if you are insisting, I will sing a classical bhajan. Bhavna says sure. Madhu sings. Sudha holds her head. Krish and everyone laugh. Saloni says wow, you sing so well. Sudha says really good. Saloni gives the prasad to everyone. Krish says we used to take prasad many times in childhood. She says this won’t go on now. Anju prays and says you showed the path for the treatment, but show me a path to arrange the money. She cries. Brij and Palki come to do the puja. Anju gives them the aarti. Palki says you forgot to give me prasad. She gives the prasad. Anju recalls Rocky’s words. She says I m thinking what to make in the breakfast, Palki has become sensible. Saloni says you need this prasad and blessing for your dad, take it. Diya takes it and thanks Saloni. Armaan signs Krish. They give their prasad share to Saloni and hold her. Saloni says that’s my family. Diya nods and smiles. She prays.

Saloni helps Armaan. She stumbles towards Armaan. Pandit blesses their jodi by mistake. Diya looks on.

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