Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Saloni funds Krish’s startup

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diya asking Armaan to give the money to Sudha. She says tell her we won’t take any money that’s meant for Krish’s dreams, I don’t want this money. Armaan says no, I will handle Krish’s business, I will talk to him, we can’t delay Brij’s treatment, give this money to Anju. He goes. Sudha gets angry and recalls Madhu’s words. Armaan comes to apologize. She says you should have shared things with me, won’t I feel bad if you do this, its not about Brij, we should help him. Armaan says yes, I understand. She asks what about Krish. Armaan comes out. Diya says I can’t hurt Sudha and Krish. Armaan asks her to go, they have less time for the surgery, Brij has less money, ask Anju to give the money to Dr. Sood, please. He sends her with the money bag. Anju and Diya meet a doctor. The doctor says Dr. Sood passed Brij’s case to me. Anju asks him to fix the surgery date. Diya gives the money. Doctor says the biggest battle is left, money is imp, a right donor is also imp, donor’s bone marrow should match with him, the donor should be ready to take the risk, appeal in family and relatives. Anju says how will we find a donor.

Krish is upset. Armaan comes. He says I know you are disappointed with me, I told you about the funds, don’t lose the shine in your eyes, I promise, I will arrange the funds, wait for sometime. Saloni says no need to wait, I have decided to break the FDs, you can invest in the start up. Armaan asks what’s the need. Krish says I don’t know the money, someone explained me that Armaan and I are right. Armaan says I knew it, Diya explained you. Krish says no, my business partner explained me. Sudha asks who. Saloni comes smiling. Diya says do my tests, maybe my bone marrow matches with dad, I will ask Palki also. Doctor says Brij’s siblings could have helped. Anju says take my bone marrow samples. He says we already checked, it doesn’t match. Diya says take my samples, I m sure, come.

Sudha asks really, Krish, but when and how. Krish says Saloni will invest in my startup. Saloni says I can’t lose this golden opportunity, I will help myself also doing this, I can see my investment getting doubled, he is working hard with passion. Armaan says but Saloni… She says I had savings, Krish’s business is a better deal. He asks how did you decide without asking me and mum. Sudha says Saloni is also like family, she proved it, you all have own priorities, lets end this here, Saloni helped Krish, you should be happy for him. Armaan says fine, all the best and congrats.

Sudha says I m very proud of you, thanks. She hugs Saloni. Palki asks Brij to finish the salad. He says ask Diya if she will come back home. Diya gives the blood sample. Anju asks are you fine. Diya says yes. Palki calls Diya. She asks are you coming home. Diya says no, Anju will come, doctor is trying to find a donor, we have less time. Palki goes aside to talk. She worries. Diya says we will appeal on social media and ask for help, we can’t lose. Palki says we will find a donor soon. Diya says take care, don’t tell dad. Palki says Anju will come, Diya will go her home. Brij says fine, what were you saying about the donor. She says no, nail polish toner. He laughs and says I will find out everything. Madhu tries to break the coconut. Bhavna says this slab will break this way. Madhu asks her to break it. Bhavna says I can’t do it. Madhu hits the coconut. He flies and hurts Sudha’s head. They worry. Madhu hides. Bhavna asks are you fine. Sudha says yes, you can come out, I m bit hurt. Madhu says its good, thank me, see this, there is a bud inside the coconut, its said that good news comes in the family, Diya will stay at home then. Sudha says its good that a baby will come home. She says Bhavna, we will make a play area for the baby. Madhu asks her to talk to Diya. Sudha smiles.

Sudha asks Diya to sit and have food. She gives her a glass and asks her to drink that water after dinner. Saloni asks how is dad. Diya says we paid the surgery fees, we want a donor for the bone marrow, we have less time, we are appealing to find a donor. Diya thinks to tell Armaan that she gave her sample also, then she will tell the family.

Sudha says I kept the kirtan for you and Diya, you give us a good news. Diya’s sample matches. Doctor says she shouldn’t plan a baby for a year after the surgery, else her life can be in danger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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