Will I get a chance? – Episode 2 (Panic)

hello friends..iam back with 2nd episode. Iam sorry for disappearing in between. Many of them are eager for twin trouble..i will upload it soon. Kindly forgive me for taking time. Please do comment..

recap:- naira joins the college after consulting with her psychiatrist Kavya as she undergone with rape case in which she was mentally affected and also have a child. Naira’s sister gowri encourages her and she goes to attend interview but in between she hits omkara and argues with him. Some bad guys tries to harass naira but kartik and his gang saves her and make those guys suspended. Naira has soft corner for kartik..

Gowri reaches the office and she is asked to wait outside for her interview..

Gowri:thank god..i reached on time. Because of that stupid guy my half energy is wasted by doing everything fast. I hope i never see him again.

Then gowri’s name is called and she goes inside but she gets shocked seeing omkara as CEO of that company..

Gowri in mind:eh.. what kind of fate is this? I shouted him morning nicely and the i wished not to see him again but the same guy is my interviewer as well as CEO. Iam sure that he will surely reject me..

Omkara smiles seeing her..

Omkara in mind:As i wished..she came to my office atself.

Omkara:why are you standing and staring like that? Please come and take your seat.

Gowri comes and sits and gives her files to omkara..

Gowri in mind:if he wants to reject me then why is he not doing directly?

Omkara smiles seeing her tensed face..

Omkara:miss.Gauri Singhania..i know what you are thinking. My habit is..i wont mix up any outside matters with my profession so i dint reject you..understood?

Gowri:ha..ok si..sir.

Omkara:but you have to answer my questions to get selected.. understand?

Gowri :ye..yes si..sir.

Omkara:my first question is..what do you feel that i will do..will i select or reject you?

Gowri gets shocked at his question..

Gowri in mind:what kind of man he is? Why is he asking questions like a stupid?

Gowri:si..sir..th.. this question..

Omkara:you must answer to every type of questions..so answer me.

Gowri:iam sure that you will reject me sir.

Omkara smiles..

Omkara:good confidence but can you tell me why do you think like that?

Gowri gets irritated but controls..

Gowri in mind:ohh.. this idiot. I think he wantedly doing it..

Omkara:common tell me orelse i will reject you.

Gowri:sir..i just felt as i talked badly morning.

Omkara smiles..

Omkara: finally.. you have accepted your attitude. That’s great..

Gowri gets angry..


Omkara:shhh!! Iam sir..

Gowri in mind:i feel like making his face black. He is too much..


Omkara:that’s good. You are selected..

Gowri gets shocked..

Gowri in mind:my interest only to work on this technology company as this is the only company here in udaipur..that’s why iam tolerating him. Now he selected too..i have to tolerate him everyday.

Gowri: ohh..thank you sir.

Omkara:fine.. from tomorrow onwards you have to be punctually here and do every works whatever we assign understood?


Omkara:then let me check you whether you are capable of doing works..common come and clean my shoes.

Gowri gets shocked..

Gowri:sir.. what..

Omkara:if you can’t do then i can assume that you are incapable of doing works..so decide yourself.

Gowri gets angry but controls..

Gowri in mind:this..this idiot..i feel like killing him. I don’t know how iam going to tolerate with him..

Omkara: common don’t waste my time. Do fast..

Gowri angrily cleans his shoes while omkara smirks..

Then he lets her go and he sits smiling while shamu comes in shocking omkara..

Omkara:you? What are you doing here?

Sgamu:sorry..i came to give you the purse which you left on road. But unfortunately i saw everything what you did with that innocent girl..can you tell me what kind of love is this?

Omkara:i don’t want to be a guy who follows girls on their back if they love.. instead of that i will make her fall for me.

Shamu:by troubling her like this..she will hate you more only.

Omkara:iam not troubling..she may be soft in home but i will teach her to be soft even to the strangers.

Shamu:i can’t talk ore..do anything you want. Here is your purse..keep it safe. Iam going.

Shamu keeps the purse and goes..


At evening Kavya is seen walking on the road and some guys comes and surrounds her..

Kavya:ohh..hello..who the hell are you?

Boys:we are the gangs of rapist..

They laugh while Kavya gets reminded of naira and gets angry and slaps one among them..

Kavya: before i take any action against you..just run away from here.

One boy:ohh..hello..are you threatening us madam? Should we get scared and run away for the ants like you?

They all make fun of her and laugh while Kavya stares them angrily..

Kavya:i think you won’t settle until i call police..

Kavya takes her phone to call police but before that those guys snatch her phone and throws away shocking her..

Other boy:do you think we are fools to sit and watch calling police?

Boy:now..we know how to control you as we have dealt with many girls..

Kavya gets shocked and they hold her head while Kavya shouts.

Kavya:just leave me..you idiots.

Boys:no..we will take you to separate godown and will make you dance to our tunes..

They pull her but suddenly Harsh comes and beats them angrily saving Kavya while Kavya looks him suprised..

Kavya in mind:thank god..he followed me orelse thses idiots would have done anything wrong.

Harsh beats them getting reminded of naira..


harsh was searching for naira everywhere tensedly shouting her name..

Harsh:naira..naira..where are you?

Suddenly he sees a godown and goes inside and gets shocked seeing naira injured with tored clothes..

Harsh: nairaaa..

Harsh runs immediately and he covers his coat on her and he wakes her up..

Harsh:naira..naira..what happened?why are you lying like this here?

Naira cries and hugs him..

Naira:i..i became impure brother. A..a guy named Ajay.. fooled me and raped me here. I..i shouted for help..but nobody couldn’t hear.

Harsh gets shocked and he too cries and consoles her..

Harsh: no..you dint become impure naira. Whoever is good and fearful for god are always pure. One who do this rubbish is only impure..

Naira:but still i became a victim…

Naira cries hugging him while harsh eyes becomes red due to anger..

Harsh in mind:i will never leave that idiot who did this with my sister.


Harsh angrily beats and makes everyone falls and..

Harsh angrily:you guys never know the value of humanity..i will surely never leave you all today.

He takes a wooden log and beats them very hard and everyons starts to bleed and they plead..

Boys:sir..we..we are sorry..sir.. please leave us sir. It’s paining sir..

But harsh becomes so angry remembering naira’s each and every struggle on her life and how she gone through her depression and how she raised her child alone with much difficulty and he beats heavily…

Kavya gets shocked on his anger and she pulls him and shouts..

Kavya:what are you doing Harsh? Your anger for punishing them is right but you are crossing limit. If you beat still they may die..so stop it.

Harsh :i can’t able to control my anger after what the guys like them did…

Suddenly he stops thinking that she is a stranger though he loves her..

Harsh in mind:what am i doing? I shouldn’t tell about naira’s life to anyone even though i love her..

Kavya:what they did?

Harsh:nothing..leave it.

Kavya looks at his emotional eyes and feels something..

Kavya in mind:i think he is hiding some pain..i have to console him.

Kavya: anyways but please control your anger harsh. These guys will be punished by god soon. So don’t get so angry.. because of that you will only suffer later.

Harsh gets shocked as she says same like Naira and gets emotional..


One day naira was crying in her room remembering that incident while harsh comes there and hugs her to console her..

Harsh:naira.. please don’t cry. Everything will get fine soon..

Naira:how can everything be fine brother? I..i can’t able to forget what Ajay did to me..

Harsh gets angry and caresses her head..

Harsh: don’t worry naira. I wont spare that idiot who have made my sister suffer..i will surely punish him to death.

Naira cries:no brother.. please don’t get angry. I have a hope that god will punish that culprit. We shall not become bad by revenging tht bad guy..so leave it.

Harsh becomes emotional and hugs her..


harsh becomes so emotional that he couldn’t control himself and he hugs Kavya tightly and cries shocking Kavya…

Later he realises that he is losing the control and immediately moves away..

Harsh:ia..iam sorry..ka..Kavya. i..i dint do it purposely.

Kavya gets shocked at his sudden emotional change..

Kavya in mind:he was funny and love troubler till morning. But what happened suddenly? Why is this rapist guys affecting his mind? Anyways i will ask him once he gets to normal..

Kavya: it’s okay.

Harsh leaves from there..


After college over naira walks towards library and she enters there and searches for the book..

Naira in mind:today sir have given a tough assignment. If i dint get the book then iam gone.

Suddenly she notices her topic book on top row and tries to take but couldn’t so she climbs the stool and she takes the book and suddenly she slips and was about to fall from the stool but kartik who came there holds her…

Both of them meets with intense eye lock..

Slowly kartik makes her stand..

Naira:woh..i..iam sorry..i..i always..tro.. trouble you i think. Please forgive me..

Kartik smiles..

Kartik: don’t need to apologise as you dint do any mistake. By the way..are you searching for the book?

Naira:i got it..

Kartik:ohh..ok. what’s your name? You are very different here as every girls always does challenge or make fun with boys also but you are so silent.

Naira:i..iam naira Singhania.

Kartik:nice name..by the way iam kartik Goenka. If you need any help..you can approach me anytime as iam the council memeber for mba department.

Kartik forwards his hand for the handshake while naira hesitantly shakes hands with him..

Naira in mind:he is good. Don’t fear naira..

Naira too shakes hands with him..

Naira:ok..i will approach you if i need any help.

The worker comes towards the library..

Worker in mind:i hope no students is there inside library. Today the principal told to clean it..so i should keep it locked nowatself.

The worker goes inside and checks whether the students is there or not but he carelessly doesn’t check everywhere..

Worker in mind:i checked 80% of the library..there is no one. There will be no one in the rest area too. So i will better lock..

The worker goes out and locks the door while kartik and naira comes near the door and gets shocked seeing door closed..

Kartik:ohh god..why is the door closed?

Naira:we will open it..

They try to open but couldn’t open it and gets shocked..

Kartik:i think someone locked outside.

Naira gets shocked and worried..

Naira in mind:i should pick up kairav also..ohh krishnaji please do something.

Naira:now what will we do?

Kartik:lets tap the door and see..maybe someone will hear us and open it.

Kartik and naira taps the door repeatedly but no one gives any response and kartik sits tiredly..

Kartik:you too sit. If you keep on standing we will only get tired..so let us wait till krishnaji saves us.

Naira gets shocked..


She too sits without telling anything..

Kartik:what happened? You was going to tell something?

Naira: nothing.

Suddenly after sometime the lights gets off as the worker switches off the generator outside making naira scared..

Naira looks here and there fearfully and she gets scared reminding of how Ajay raped her in dark godown..

She starts to panic and scream: someone save me.. please someone save me.

Kartik gets shocked seeing her panicking..

Naira starts to hallucinate the past incident..

Naira shouts:ajayyyy.. don’t touch me..get away from me. I will kill you..

Kartik gets shocked and he immediately goes near naira and holds her face..

Kartik:naira.. don’t panic. There is no one here to harm you. There is no Ajay here..so please calm.

Naira becomes more adamant as her hallucination increases..

Naira: no..see that rascal is standing there. He is again trying to spoil my life.. this time i wont allow it. Iam going to kill him for what he did..

She tries to go but kartik holds her tightly and..

Kartik:nairaa..there is no one there..so calm down please. It’s just your hallucination i think.

Naira feels dizzy and she lies on kartik and cries..

Naira: i don’t know what is happening with me..iam very scared. Please don’t leave me..

Kartik hugs her tightly and..

Kartik:no..i wont leave you. Iam here with you so nothing will happen to you..be strong. You better sleep..

Naira sees the dark and fear increases and she hugs kartik very tightly that even the air can’t go in between them and..

Naira:iam really scared. Promise me that you won’t leave me alone..

Kartik:i promise you that I will take you from here soon.

Soon naira feels comfortable in kartik’s hug and she falls asleep hugging and lying on kartik’s chest atself..

Kartik feels different and he feels bad for naira..

Kartik in mind:i feel sad for naira. Maybe she is suffering from any past incidents. She is very good..so i hope she gets well soon.

Soon kartik too falls asleep hugging naira atself..


The bell rings and every students and comes out and wait for their parents or guardians while kairav and his friend vansh too waits…

Vansh:kairav..who will come to call you?

Kairav:as usual my mom only… and for you?

Vansh:even for me..as usual my kartik chachu.

Kairav:today our both parents dint come to pick us..i don’t why they are taking this much time. My mom never comes late then why isn’t she coming today..i don’t know.

Vansh:even for me too..

They wait for more and every students and both of them gets tired..

Kairav:iam so tired..i don’t where is my mum.

Vansh:i have an idea. My house is nearby only..so we will go there and i will show you all my toys and we will play for sometime okay?

Kairav:if my mom searches me?

Vansh:you can use my mother’s phone and tell her..

Kairav: won’t your family scold you for coming without elders?

Vansh: no..i will tell the reason.

Kairav:ok..lets go.

They both go to Goenka villas..


precap: kairav bonds well with goenka’s. Gauri gets insulted. Kartik questions Naira. Harsh gets jailed.

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