Which Jenny Han Book Series Matches Your Personality?

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To All The Fisher Boys I’ve Loved Before…

If you’re like me, you’re eagerly awaiting the release of The Summer I Turned Pretty on June 17 — the Amazon Prime Video show is based on the beloved YA book series by Jenny Han.

Dana Hawley / Dana Hawley/Prime Video

I get that “This Love” (Taylor’s Version) was featured in the trailer, but this series feels exactly like “august” by Taylor Swift. It is summer bottled up in book form featuring a love triangle and a lot of emotion and it is absolutely delightful. 

Of course, it won’t be the first adaptation of a cherished Jenny Han series. You might recall a little Netflix movie trilogy called To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before?

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

BRB, it’s probably time for me to rewatch them all. 

To celebrate both series, here’s a “this or that” quiz that’ll tell you without a doubt if you’re more like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before or The Summer I Turned Pretty. Spoiler: there’s no bad outcome.

Gregg Deguire / FilmMagic

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