Udaariyaan 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Tanya sees Tejo

Udaariyaan 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bau ji saying whatever is destined happens, maybe this was our destiny. Fateh comes home with Jasmin. He says little Amrik will be born in this house and call me Papa. Everyone smiles. Khushbeer comes and asks what’s happening in this house. Fateh says I have thought well about this. Jasmin plays the dhol and dances. She imagines this. Gurpreet asks is he saying the truth. Jasmin says yes, I would have not been here if he was lying, he got me here. Fateh says I have decided to marry Jasmin, your Amrik will be here. Gurpreet asks Amrik is he happy now. Khushbeer asks how can Fateh think of someone else than Tejo, that too Jasmin. Tanya thinks this work is done, Jasmin’s baby got a father. The earring falls off her dupatta. She leaves. Fateh goes to his room and cries. He asks why did you leave me Tejo, Lord wants to snatch the leftover happiness that I m forced to marry someone, I just love Tejo. The girl asks Tejo won’t she dance today. Tejo says I don’t know, I feel sad. The girl says Heer has to make laddoos, Fateh will come tomorrow and get baraat to marry her.

Fateh says I have to do this marriage for Amrik’s sake. He opens the room door and sees Khushbeer. Khushbeer stops him and says you decided to sacrifice your happiness. Fateh says its my duty for Amrik. Khushbeer says tell me that you are happy with this decision. Fateh says everyone is happy, my happiness is also in it, I m marrying Jasmin, but my connection with Tejo will never break. Tejo makes laddoos. She cries. The girl asks are you fine. Tejo hugs her and says I don’t like anything. Fateh says Tejo is the reason for my living, I will never forget her. He hugs Khushbeer and cries. The girl thinks don’t know Fateh is waiting for Heer or not. Jasmin plays song and dances on the terrace. Aali re…plays… She says finally, Fateh will be mine, I will get Fateh and then I will go to Canada. Tanya says Jasmin decided that she won’t think of abortion now, Fateh agreed to marry her, she wanted a father for her baby and a complete family. Bebe cries. Tanya asks why are you crying, I m happy with this decision. Rupy says no, I know you are not happy, its not my mistake, I wish I thought of your happiness before. He hugs Tanya. Tejo talks of her baraat. Tanya’s mum comes and calls her Tanya. Tejo says I m Heer, not Tanya. Tanya’s mum says I m your mum, I know you. Amma says she is ill, she forget things, she thinks you are her daughter. Tejo says you miss your daughter a lot, I also miss Fateh, don’t get sad, your daughter will come, and my Fateh will also come. Fateh steps on the earring. He picks the earring and says don’t know why I feel you are around me.

Jasmin asks why did you call me, did you change your decision. Fateh says no one can make me change it now. Tejo asks for red chunni. The girl says we have called a pandit. Fateh talks to Jasmin. Jasmin says its good if the marriage happens soon. He says we have to tell everyone about Tanya, that she isn’t Tejo, my Tejo is in my heart. Tejo says Fateh will come and go back, saying his bride isn’t ready. Jasmin says we will let the marriage happen, then we will tell them. He says we are cheating them by lies, what’s the need, your dad and my dad aren’t happy, if they know the truth, then at least they can get their answers, we have to tell them someday, I will go and tell them, the families are going to fix marriage date. She says let Tanya come. He says its good she isn’t there. He leaves. She asks what shall I do now, I don’t want to tell anyone, what’s this new problem.

Fateh comes home. Khushbeer asks him to sit. Fateh says I have to talk something imp. Gurpreet says you went to meet Jasmin, is everything fine. Fateh says yes. Rupy asks did you change your decision. Fateh signs no. He says maybe you get upset, try to understand why I did this. Biji asks him to say it. Jasmin comes and thinks he may tell Tanya’s truth. Tanya comes to meet her mum. She hears Tejo shouting. Tejo asks Amma where is her red chunni, how will she become a bride. Jasmin says I m thinking to forget about pandit giving the date, we will fix a date, baby needs your care, Fateh and I decided to get married after 7 days. Fateh looks at her. Tanya gets shocked seeing Tejo. She thinks she is Fateh’s Tejo, its time that Fateh and Tejo’s distance ends.

Tejo shouts Fateh and looks around. Tanya looks on. Tejo calls Fateh. He is shocked hearing her voice.

Update Credit to: Amena

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