Udaariyaan 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Tanya slaps Fateh

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The Episode starts with Jasmin thinking good job Tanya, this is Tejo’s power, not dad’s love. Rupy takes Jasmin with him. Tanya hides. Lovely says Tejo is some Chudail, so she is supporting Jasmin in aborting the baby. Bebe asks her not to think nonsense. Tanya sees the toys and top secret savings box. She recalls her childhood. She used to wait for her dad, but he doesn’t come. She cries and thinks they should know that Fateh is best for Jasmin. Gurpreet cries and talks to Amrik’s pic. She asks how shall I get a father for Jasmin’s child. Fateh comes. She sees him. He asks what did Jasmin say. She asks him to marry Tejo, Amrik’s child will get parents’ love, Jasmin will also stay here. Fateh says its not possible, Tejo didn’t forget that incident, why are you thinking so, why will Jasmin give her baby to us, she needs our love and care, nothing will happen to Amrik’s baby. He hugs her. Satti says I know you are going through a tough time, Jasmin.

Jasmin waits for Tanya. She gets Sweety’s call. Fateh comes. Jasmin says why is Fateh coming here, did he understand everything. She asks what are you doing here. He asks can’t I come to meet you, after all you are Amrik’s wife. She says Gurpreet has sent you. He says no, I came myself, like I came to London on your call to help you and Amrik. She asks who is with me. Tanya comes and asks him to answer. He says you have no right to ask, you don’t need to interfere. She says Jasmin told me about your past, how you left her and what all she tolerated. He asks what is she saying. Jasmin says we got her as Tejo, I thought she should know. He asks what’s the need, she is an outsider. She says she should know about us. Tanya says yes. He asks her to shut up. He asks Jasmin is she playing a game. He says you did this before also, you have won my trust, why this disgusting condition, why did Tanya do this drama, what’s going on, answer me. Jasmin scolds him.

He says sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. He argues with Tanya. He says you can never become Tejo. She says I don’t want to become an emotional fool, you know your history, you don’t value Tejo and her love, how did she fall in love with you, you all want the baby but not Jasmin, why, your family…. Fateh asks what do you know about family, do you know what is a family and what are relations, do you have a family. Jasmin stops him. He says we lost Amrik because of her, she is such so she is alone in the world. Tanya slaps him. She says I take money but don’t give a right to anyone to insult me. She scolds him and goes.

Jasmin asks Tanya to stop. She asks him to go and stop Tanya. He says I don’t care. She says you got angry, you can’t see the families now, what will you tell them, you got Tanya as Tejo and now you made her leave in anger. He asks why are you so troubled. She worries. He says don’t worry, we need her and she needs money, she won’t go. She asks what will we do, we can’t afford to lose her, go and stop her. She thinks if Tanya goes, then what will happen. She runs after Tanya. Fateh asks her to wait, he will stop her. He says don’t run in this state. He runs and stops Tanya. She falls in his arms. He recalls Tejo and thinks I can’t hate this face. Tanya says the deal is over now, don’t follow me. She leaves. Jasmin asks Fateh to stop her. Fateh thinks what’s happening to me.

Tanya comes home and packs the bag. Jasmin tries to calm down. Tanya says Fateh talks to me badly, its good I m not Tejo. Jasmin says correct, he is emotional and gets angry. Tanya asks why shall I tolerate him. She argues. Jasmin says you should do tit for tat. Tanya says I also have emotions for family. She recalls her childhood. Jasmin thinks you are emotional, you will get Fateh for me. She says I also have a child in my womb, I can’t hurt you, I thought you will help me, Amrik already left me, I will accept your decision. Tanya says fine, don’t do an emotional drama. Jasmin says you are not going, thanks, this won’t happen again. Tanya asks if it happens again. Jasmin says then I will give you any amount. Tanya thinks she was crying just now and pricing my feelings, am I doing wrong by supporting her.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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