Udaariyaan 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Tanya burns her hand

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The Episode starts with Jasmin asking why did you go to Barnala. Tanya recalls meeting some guy and giving the money. She asks how can I meet her. He says not now. Tejo recalls the fire and wakes up. She shouts Fateh, fire. The girl comes and hugs her to console. Tejo gets too scared. Jasmin asks Tanya again. Tanya says I don’t think its imp to tell you, mind your own work. Jasmin asks what’s there in your personal life, you will need my help. Tanya says I can handle the situation, I don’t need your help. She goes. Jasmin says you are fooling everyone, you think you can fool me, I will find out the Barnala matter. Tejo lies to sleep. The girl asks her to sleep. Fateh comes home. He calls Jasmin. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, do you really worry for me. He says yes, you are mum of Amrik’s child. She says I will handle Tanya. He asks her to call him if she needs anything. She asks him to remember her condition, she doesn’t have much time. She smiles. She says this is enough to scare him, that the baby’s life is in danger. She calls the convent school and talks for the child’s admission. She makes the advance booking. She gives her name as the child’s mum, and Fateh’s name as the child’s dad.

Lovely apologizes to Tejo. She asks Tejo to make food for them. Harman says you make parathas for us. Tanya thinks I don’t know making it. Jasmin signs her. Tanya goes to the kitchen. Jasmin says you want to have aloo parathas. Lovely says yes, can’t I have it. Jasmin says you said about dieting. Tanya calls Jasmin. Lovely says I will help Tejo. Tanya says I will do it myself. Lovely thinks the parathas will bring out your truth. Tanya sits to knead the flour. Jasmin looks on. Tanya says don’t know how Tejo did all this. Jasmin goes to her.
Jasmin jokes on Tanya for making such mess. Tanya asks why shall I cook food, it wasn’t in deal. Jasmin says whatever Tejo used to do, its in the deal. They sit talking. Jasmin asks what will you do if they know you are fake Tejo, shall I help you. Tanya says get aside, no thanks, I will manage.

Jasmin says take my help, else you will ruin my plan. Tanya says you don’t know me yet. Jasmin asks what will you do now, you can’t make parathas like Tejo. Tanya thinks I know how to solve the problem. She burns her hand. Jasmin asks did you go mad, what are you doing, stop. Tanya doesn’t listen. Jasmin gets shocked. Tanya screams. She goes to show her hand to everyone. Jasmin looks on shocked. Tejo sees the fire and recalls the incident. She tries to put off the fire. She shouts for help. The girls come to help her. Tanya gets everyone’s attention. Rupy applies the ice to her burn. Satti cares for her and takes her to the room. Jasmin thinks she has a face like Tejo, but her actions are like me, impressive. Lovely sees the mess and thinks my doubt was right, she isn’t Tejo, it means Tejo is dead. Tejo cries. The girls pour water on her and console her. Tejo shows the burn mark. Tanya sees Satti and recalls her mum. Satti asks her to change her clothes. She gives a suit. Tanya says some other one. Satti asks what happened, you loved this suit. She worries for Tejo. The ladies apply the lep on Tejo’s burn.

Fateh comes home and greets Bebe. She says I m good, since Tejo came. He says mum has sent laddoos for Jasmin. She says it tastes good. He asks where is Jasmin. She says maybe she went out. Tanya comes downstairs. Fateh sees her wearing the red suit and recalls Tejo. Udaariyaan…plays… He imagines Tejo and romances her.

Tanya says hello…. He holds her hand. She gets away. She asks what are you doing. He asks how dare you wear Tejo’s suit. She says I have many clothes, Satti gave this suit to me and asked me to wear it. He says I gifted this dress to Tejo, even little things remind me of her, and now even you…. I feel you are my Tejo, then my eyes and I realize that you are not Tejo. He cries. Tejo is seen sleeping in the Sharan Ashram.

Doctor asks do you really want to do the abortion. Jasmin says yes, I will get the abortion done. Fateh hears this and worries. Satti knocks the door and calls out Tejo. Tanya looks for her lens. Satti asks what are you finding.

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