Tere jaisa yaar kaha – No friends are like you (Part 2)

Tere jaisa yaar kahan part 2

Next day …

Anand – When to go mumma ?

Jigar – where are u going anand darling ?

Mother – To see his wife to be

Anand – yes

Jigar – You’re getting married without telling me .

Anand – yes

They go to see disha ….

They come back and finalize her .

Jigar – I can give u everything except one thing , then why are you getting married ?

Anand – Coz Gay marriage is not allowed.

Jigar laughs .

Some days later …

Disha , Jigar and anand go on a trip .

After they come back they finalize the date of marriage .

One day .

Jigar lisyens disha talking to someone one phone and telling she is marrying anand
For money .

Jigar in mind – this marriage won’t happen at any cost .

Disha – Ok if you’ve listened everything then just take it as my challenge .

Jigar – ok as u wish

Guys . I am going on a family trip so won’t be able to upload both of my ffs till 15 . Please co operate till my vacation time ends . Then I’ll surely upload next parts of my ffs . Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Take care
Stay safe

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