Swaran Ghar 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran and Ajit decide to prove their innocence

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The Episode starts with Kiran asking how dare Micky slaps Vikram. Swaran says they are my tenants. Bebe says they can’t stay here. Nehmat says sorry, you can’t make us out, we have a contract. Bebe scolds her. Bebe asks them to leave. Ajit asks where will the girls go. Bebe says you worry for yourself. She sends Vikram. Vikram takes Ajit’s bags. Ajit asks will you out me from here. Vikram says I m doing what Bebe told me. Ajit says you throw my bags out and show me. Vikram argues. He recalls Ajit breaking the car and keeps his clothes back. Ajit says its good, you got senses, else I would have not spared you. Bebe asks really, what will you do now, threaten me, I have thrown your bag. She throws his clothes and asks what will you do. Ajit says even if you have thrown the clothes and burnt it, I would have folded the hands and said the same, I won’t go anywhere. Bebe calls him shameless.

Ajit says Kanwal’s eyes were also like you, I met him twice before his death, but understood that his thinking is different, he used to talk more with eyes than his tongue, I decided that I will do what he wanted me to do, I will keep the promise all life, Kanwal would have thought that I didn’t understand him, so he left a letter for me, read this letter, you will get all the answers in this. Vikram says this letter can be fake. Ajit says a mum understands someone’s writing and her son’s writing. He says its written clearly that he knew his sons well, he knew that three sons are selfish, they won’t take care of Swaran, because she is innocent, a failed father has written this, I don’t want his wish to stay incomplete, I won’t go anywhere from here, I can’t break the promise to him. Bebe says fine, you want to stay here, these girls want to stay there, why can’t my grandsons stay here, they will stay here with me in this house. She asks Vikram to get his stuff. Nimmo says tenants stay in the rooms. Bebe says tenants will stay somewhere else, my grandsons will stay in their rooms. Kiran asks Nakul to go and get the stuff, she knows how to empty the rooms. Vikram enters the house and smiles. Nakul comes and recalls his moments with Swaran. Kiran takes him. Yug also thinks of the childhood. Swaran comes there. Kiran throws the things and asks Micky to leave. Kiran pushes Micky. Nakul holds Micky and asks are you fine. Karan says Micky is trying to get close to my husband, Nakul is my husband. Kiran sees Swaran coming. Bebe says this house isn’t a home now. Vikram says just you can do this, we have become refugee. Bebe says no, this can never happen. Swaran says this house is still mine, before Nakul’s birth. She scolds Kiran.

Bebe asks is that pic true, maybe you have come in someone’s words. Vikram says no, I can’t go against my mum just like that, I have a solid proof, I promise, I will bring out mum’s truth tomorrow. She says its good if the matter gets cleared soon. Swaran takes the girls to her room and asks them to stay. Micky says its your room. Swaran says relations should be there, you are in my heart, relations of heart never cheat. She hugs him. Yug says I have vacated my room, they can stay there, I will stay here with you. He hugs her. She says I m not wrong, this house has become a battle field. Nehmat says we all are with you. Swaran asks can you fight me. They say no. Swaran asks then how can I fight Bebe, I have to clear their misunderstanding. She goes and talks to Kanwal.

Swaran says Bebe got to know about you this way, I need time to win back Bebe’s love and faith, don’t know how Vikram got that pic, it raised a question on my 30 year long life. Yug asks is that pic wrong, I know Vikram has photoshopped it. Ajit says pic is real. Swaran says we had exchanged the garlands during the Ramleela, I had kept the pic in the chest, I don’t know how Vikram got it. Yug says sorry, I don’t need any answer now. he goes. Swaran says we have to end this doubt. Ajit says we aren’t wrong. Swaran says Bebe is also wrong, she is asking for proof, will you help me. Ajit says I don’t like your upset face. She asks him to call Amrinder, there were many people in Ramleela, once they tell Bebe about the pic, everything will be fine. Ajit says I don’t find this right. She asks him to make bad gulab jamuns. He asks what. She says just do this for my sake. He says I like to see your smiling. She asks will you find Amrinder. He says fine, for your sake. She thanks him. Kiran says we got the home back. Vikram says I have to get the proof. Ajit calls Amrinder and asks him to come home. Vikram says Sunny’s phone isn’t connecting. Ajit says Amrinder and Sunny are coming. Vikram says if Sunny doesn’t say the same, then my plan will get ruined. Swaran says I just wish that this misunderstanding gets cleared.

The episode ends

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