Swaran Ghar 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajit apologizes to Swaran

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The Episode starts with Yug asking Ajit to come to the court. He says its Divya’s mistake, why shall Swaran get punished, you promised that you will support Swaran. Swaran says its not Kiran’s mistake but yours, you should tell her that you lost the job, how will she support you if you don’t tell her, she came back for your sake. Nakul says no, she came here for this house. She says you also came for this house, she is your wife, understand relations and support, then relations will also support you. Yug says Swaran told Bebe about Kanwal’s death, it was tough for her, Divya threatened Swaran that day. He tells everything. He says I promised Swaran that I will support her, I m sure that Nakul will also support her, if you come, then it will support her. He leaves.

Swaran is at the Gurudwara. She says things are changing gradually, Yug apologized to me, he is innocent, Nakul also came to me and regretted his actions, Vikram gets anger and loses his path, maybe Bebe becomes a way of his return to me, I have to keep Bebe happy now.

Bebe comes home. She sees Kanwal’s pic with the garland. Swaran, Yug and Nakul hold Bebe. Bebe cries. Vikram holds her tear in his hand. He wipes Bebe and Swaran’s tears. Kiran comes and greets Bebe. They all hug. Swaran imagines this. She says if this happens, then all my wishes will turn true, Kanwal won’t be with me, and my friend, who stood by me to keep the promise to Kanwal, he is also away now, please return me my friend. She senses Ajit coming. Ajit comes there and ties a cloth over his head. He washes his hands. Swaran goes out to see. She turns and sees him. They walk to each other. She cries. He says sorry, I made a big mistake, I failed in the test of friendship. She says no. He says Divi lied to me, I m a fool to believe her, you can’t think of slapping anyone. She says Lord heard my prayers and returned me my friend. He asks her to scold him and get angry. She asks why, you always stood by me, you always kept the duty of friendship and fought the world, you didn’t break the promise made to Kanwal, why shall I get angry. He says for misunderstanding you. She says I m happy now, I m not angry. He says I m sorry from Divi’s side, I learnt that she threatened of telling the truth to Bebe. She says it gave me courage to tell the truth to Bebe, Yug was regretting, last night Nakul came to me, I saw real tears in his eyes, I feel everything is joining back, now you have also come back, Kanwal won again, he took a promise from a true man, he believed our friendship, we didn’t know the meaning of promise. Ajit says its Lord’s wish to keep this friendship, I will keep this. She says I will also keep this, I swear, I will not hide anything from you, good and bad, relations get distance if things are hidden, you also don’t hide anything. He says I will always keep it. She goes. He thinks it was always friendship for me, its one sided love for me, if its true, then it gets fulfilled. He looks at Swaran.

He thinks this friendship will always be the same, this is my true love for you. They pray. The girls are dancing on dhol. They celebrate the new order and the advance payment. Kiran says its fake cheque, Vikram has sent it by courier, its fun to make them lose when they feel they are winning. Nimmo asks what will Vikram do. Kiran says let there be suspense. Swaran gets Nirmal’s missed calls and voice note. Bebe comes there. Micky shows the cheque. Everyone asks Swaran to dance. They push Yug. He falls in front of Bebe. Everyone is shocked seeing Bebe. Bebe asks how did you push my Yug. Swaran greets her and asks are you okay. Bebe asks what happened to me, I m okay, I have come here to meet my son Kanwal. Vikram comes. Nimmo says it means no one told Bebe about Kanwal. Kiran says what a master stroke, Vikram, when will you meet Bebe. Vikram asks her to have patience. Bebe says I didn’t get any voice, and thought to come here and meet Kanwal. Swaran asks don’t you know anything. Bebe asks what’s happening here.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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