Spy Bahu 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal recognizes Farid

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Scene 1
The terrorist gets a text. Sejal says if he’s getting signals why not us? The manager says they have a computer expert in their team. The old woman says he couldn’t take his medicine today. Yohan says to bring him water. He needs to take heart medicine. He says he has to die anyway. Yohan says to bring water. Sejal sees water on the table. Saras sees the news about the hotel. Arun also sees the news. Saras prays for the people stuck. Minal says Saras.. She says my medicine. He says you took it. Your fever is better; I will make rice for you like Sejal used to. Veera says we should leave by road. There are no flights. Aarun says by the time we reach they will be out of the hotel. Everything will be fine. She says so you want me to keep sitting here? Our kids are there. He says Kamal won’t let anything happen. Everyone will be fine. Sejal sneaks and picks a water bottle from the table and gives it to Yohan. He gives it to the old man and he takes his medicine. Yohan says to Sejal what if they shot you. Sejal says look at uncle’s condition. Who are you? The girl who decided me and married me? Drishti says she’s not a bad person. I was mad at the way you married Yohan. You’re my bhabhi, thank you for saving me and all these people.

SK says we need to use this map to find a way in. We can kill them. Sejal asks Yohan if I ask you something will you be honest? He says I’ve been asking you the reality of this marriage and you always lied. But I am not like you. What do you wanna ask? Sejal says be honest, I’ve proofs but I wanna hear from you? Is the mastermind of this terrorist attack. Mahira’s mom screams. Her labor starts. Sejal says she needs to go to the hospital. Yohan says is there a doctor or nurse here? A nurse says yes. Mahira cries. Sejal says we’ve to help her. They say we can kill her and solve the problem. Yohan says how can you kill an unborn child? Farid says shut up. Sejal says we will get her delivery done. We will get her delivery done right here. Mahira says to Farid please uncle let my baby brother come. I am Mahira. He recalls his siter and says okay do it here.

Scene 2
Sejal and the nurse try to get the baby delivered behind the curtain. Sejal calls SK. Sejal says Mahira’s mom don’t worry we’re all with you in this lobby area. SK tells officers all hostages are in the lobby and no one will fire there. Sejal says Yohan bring hot water. Make sure the pot is clean. The wood door at the backside has a rusted lock. The door in the left lobby is near the left side in the old building structure. SK tells the direction to all officers. Farid says hurry up. Sejal says it’s a boy. Baby Mahira got her brother. Sejal says her condition isn’t okay. Please send her out. Fard says no one will go out of the hotel. The forces entered the hotel. Farid’s man tells him forces are inside. He says to start shooting them.

Scene 3
Farid is about to shoot Sejal. Yohan shoves him. Sejal tries to wake up Mahira’s mom she’s closed her eyes. SK and his officers come in. Yohan runs after Farid. Sejal asks SK to take the woman to the hospital. She looks around for Yohan. SK asks Sejal to leave as well. She says I won’t leave before finding him. Yohan grabs Farid. He’s about to take his mask off but Farid runs. Yohan says stop or I will shoot. You have to surrender. I know you were the mastermind. Sejal comes there as well. A terrorist shoots Yohan. Sejal shoves him and takes him to the room. Sejal says to Yohan why didn’t you shoot him? Whose side are you on? Terrorists? Yohan is shocked.

A terrorist comes in and says your game is over. Yohan says you can shoot us but what will you get? You will get caught. He says we want to be martyred for our mission. We will get heaven. He says do you know anyone who gave you this guarantee? Murder can’t get you to heaven. Did anyone you know who murdered and went there? I know many youngesters like you who were brainwashed with hate since childhood. I know your master must have told you your parents would get money. He doesn’t care about you, your family, your heaven. They use you for your hate plans. You can still surrender and live a good life. Save your friends and brothers. You can help the police. Sejal is shocked. Yohan says listen to me. I can help you. I have helped many brainwashed youngsters like you. Who were brainwashed and lost their path. I will help you with education, money, parents, getting out of jail, job. Just drop this gun. Sejal is shocked. Yohan says surrender for your family please. He drops the gun. Farid comes in and shoots him. Sejal screams.

Farid says so you both were helping the hostages? I should have killed you in the start. Mission Azadi would be complete. He is about to shoot them. Sejal sees the black mark on his hand. Sejal says Farid bhai.. Farid is shocked. Farid shoots Yohan. He stands in front of Sjea. Farid shoots him in the chest. Sejal screams.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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