Spy Bahu 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Terrorists kill a lot of people in the hotel

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Scene 1
Sejal is scared. She says I’ve to be brave. I’ve to save everyone. She prays and sneaks out of the closet. Sejal goes downstairs. The media reports the attack. Mahira asks her mom are we gonna die? Her mom says no. Sejal looks around for Yohan. Yohan sees people dead everywhere. Sejal sees terrorists going towards Drishti’s room. They fire on the door. Sejal is shocked. SK shows the video the terrorists leaked the more police you call the more people we will kill. We have three demands, release prisoner number 240, we want a chopper here right away. You’ve time till 7 otherwise we won’t leave a person alive here. SK says Ahmed Ansari is 240. He’s done 10 attacks in past. We can’t release him. Drishti tries to call Yohan and Abhi. She falls. Yohan sees Mahir. He asks if your mom okay? He sees her in pain. Yohan picks her and takes them to a side. Sejal breaks a vase to distract terrorists from going into Drishti’s room.

Sejal goes to Drishti’s room and says Drishti please get up. She takes her to a side. Yohan asks Mahir and her mom to stay hidden in that room. The terrorists come in Drishti’s room. Sejal and Drishti are hidden behind the door. Terrorists see them. Sejal says we are surrendering. Please don’t kill us. We will do what you say.. Sejal sprays room spray in his eyes and runs. Sejal and Drishti lock in a bathroom. Drishti says if you weren’t here I would have been dead. Sejal hugs her. She says how do I tell her brother did all this. The terrorists look for Sejal and Drishti. They try to break the bathroom door. Drishti is scared. They come in. Yohan hits them on the head with the cylinder. The terrorist faints. Drishti hugs Yohan. She’s shocked. Drishti says he was gonna shoot me. Sejal saved me. Yohan asks Sejal if she’s okay? Sejal is confused why is he playing against his own men so he doesn’t get caught?

Scene 2
The watchman asks his friend to take care of his son. He says I will go and save people. He goes out with his gun. His son says you are our superhero. SK and his officers plan what to do. Sejal wonders if Yohan is pretending or he’s actually not a part of it? Yohan asks where is Aleesha and Mr and Mrs. Shah? Drishti says she was leaving the hotel I saw her. Where is Abhi? Farid says to SK your government is fulfilling our demads. Now you will pay. They’ve tied Aleesha and say we will shoot her at 7. We will burn everything. Aleesha is scared. Sejal says he will be fine. Yohan says he must be helping people. He’s a police officer. Aleesha was running downstairs. The terrorists caught her. She said don’t shoot. My dad is a minister. He will give you a lot of money let me go. Farid came and said we won’t kill you like others. You can go from here. Aleesha said thank you. She was leaving. They put a black cloth on her and tied her. Farid said we will use her as key.

Scene 3
Sejal and Yohan lock Drishti in the same store. They ask the manager if there’s a backdoor. He says yes there’s one door but it has a lock. Yohan says I will break it. He asks Sejal to hide there too. She says I will come with you. Drishti says please be careful. Drishti hides inside. Sejal says in heart will he tell them about the door? Yohan holds her hand. Tanhaji says we don’t have time. Should we accept their demands. Farid says the minister’s daughter’s life is more valuable. Send this video to Kamal Kapoor. Bring everyone to the hall. Sejal and Yohan try to sneak to the door. Yohan saves Sejal. Sejal looks at him. PM calls SK and says we’ve to save Kapoor’s daughter or our government will fall. We’ve to save more people. Let Ansari go. SK says I won’t give up like this.

Sejal and Yohan see the backdoor. Yohan hears Drishti screaming. The terrorists bring them all to them. Sejal and Yohan are shocked. Everyone is taking to the lobby. Drishti hugs Yohan. Sejal sees people dead all around. Yohan stands in front of everyone. The terrorists ask them all to sit down. Everyone is scared. He says if anyone moves we will kill them. Drishti cries and says Abhi I hope you’re okay. I might never see you again. Farid comes with his face hidden. Drishti looks at him. Farid says there’s no value of your life but killing you isn’t our mission. Our mission is to get our demands fulfilled. Stay here, don’t even move. SK says I was the hotel’s map. Drishti says to the pregnant woman my husband is a policeman. He will save us. The old man says I wish I didn’t come here. His wife says we will die together. Sejal tries to use her phone. She says how do I tell SK about the backdoor. The terrorist sees her and says your game is over.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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