Spy Bahu 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Saras meets and accident

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Scene 1
Sejal thinks about saras. She recalls false swearing on his head. Sejal cries and says I am sorry papa. How do I tell you, I have hurt you all so much. She sobs. Sejal sees a file under the bed. She reads information about the delegates who’re coming.. Aleesha puts a plastic bag on her and suffocates her. She says how dare you to marry Yohan. You will die.

Saras walks on the road and thinks about what sejal said. A truck hits him. He falls on the ground. People gather around him. Sejal pretends to faint. Aleesha leaves her. Sejal gets ready. She gives info about all the guests. Arun and Yohan welcome them. SK says they’re planning something huge. There shouldn’t be any mistakes today. Mr. Shah says I love this dhokla. I’ve lived in UAE for 40 years. Yohan says we’re taking this business forward with this deal. He says you’re very smart Yohan. Arun says let’s have lunch. Aleesha comes and says hello to everyone. She says come let’s have lunch. Veera says let me help you. Aleesha says I will do it don’t worry. Aleesha says an exotic menu like this can’t be found it any hotel. They start serving. She has food from all over the world. Mr. Shah is silent. Yohan asks what happened? He says where is this smell coming from?

Sejal brings desi food. Everyone is shocked to see her. Sejal says namastay to them. Sejal says I made samosas for you all and gulab jamun. Arun says to Veera why has she made her low-class food. Aleesha says they’re from UAE they won’t eat this oily street food. Sejal says it’s made in ghee. We light candles in front of our God with the same ghee. We Nandas believe our guests are our God. She serves food to Yohan and says husband have it. Everyone loves the food.

A nurse keeps trying to call Sejal but she can’t pick. The nurse says his emergency contact Sejal isn’t picking the phone. The doctor says to keep calling. Tell her he met an accident. The guests love the food. Aleesha says Sejal you think you won? Just wait and watch. Aleesha says this is easy to cook. She gives them gifts from their heritage made from the most expensive stone. Sejal says you missed a little. It has made in china written on it. They all read it. Sejal says don’t be mad. It’s her innocence. The keeper must have fooled her by saying it’s made in India. You will get real India gifts from Nandas. She gives them baskets of Indian ghee and pickle. Everyone loves it. Shah asks you didn’t introduce yourself? Sejal says I am Sejal Nanda, Yohan’s wife. He asks who is Aleesha then? Sejal says she’s Yohan’s childhood friend. They’re like siblings. Sejal says what.. Yohan stops her. He asks Shah about investment. He says I am really impressed by how Sejal has kept Indian heritage alive in this house. She gave us the respect of God. Mrs. Shah says Yohan you’re lucky to have a wife like Sejal. Aleesha learn from your sister-in-law. Sejal left recorders in their baskets. Veera thanks Sejal to help them get the deal.

Sejal says thanks for acknowledging. She says you all can have rest of the sweets. Sejal says to SK I have sent recorders with them. Shalini says to I didn’t like it. She blackmailed us and you thanked us? Veera says this deal happened because of Sejal and she’s Yohan’s wife. That’s a fact. We’ve to find a way out. Shalini says so we can forgive her? Veera says your family also married us for our status. Shalini says how can you compare us? Veera says if she takes care of Yohan and respects this house, I’ve no problem. The nurse calls Sejal and tells her Saras met an accident. She’s shocked.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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