Sirf Tum 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Vikrant gives statement against Suhani

Sirf Tum 8th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady constable bringing Dadi to the PS and tells that she was throwing garbage on the highway. Inspector asks why she was throwing garbage? Dadi says she will throw bags of garbage and argues with him. Inspector asks Constable to lock her in the lock up. Dadi says bless you. He asks what did you say? She makes an excuse. She is taken inside the Lock up, where she sees Suhani. Suhani hugs her and cries. She says you are here? Suhani says I thought how to let you stay here, and that’s why came. She says I have brought chocolate of your choice. She gives it in Suhani’s hand. Suhani says you shouldn’t be here. Dadi says I will see who will lock you here, and can’t do this until I am here. She says your father is talking to lawyers and everything will be fine. Constable tells Dadi that she has played a good game, but Suhani’s crime is proved and her finger prints are on the injection. Suhani asks lady constable to give her mobile once and says she wants to ask Ranveer about Vikrant uncle’s health. Inspector asks what do you want to hear that he died or not till now. Ranveer enters the PS on the bike. Dadi whistles seeing him. He gets down from the bike and looks at Inspector.

Vikram tells Mamta that she became savitri and brought Vikrant out of the death trap. Mamta says thankfully, he is fine, else I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. She blames herself for the accident. Vikram asks Mamta to tell Vikrant that Suhani gave him wrong injection and tried to murder him. Ansh comes there and says Suhani’s finger prints is matching and tells that he is feeling bad, as Ranveer should be with Papa, but he went to the PS to get Suhani’s bail. Vikram says Ranveer is protecting the girl due to whom, bhai saheb was about to die, and you was leaving the house for such son. Mamta says I really can’t believe. Ansh acts and sits down near Mamta. He says Ranveer has gone mad due to Suhani, but you have two sons, I will be with you always and will support you. He says I will get you punished. He promises Vikrant that he will punish the guilty. Inspector asks how dare you to bring your bike here. Ranveer says you have dared to bring suhani here, and says she is innocent, let her go, don’t make case on her. Inspector says you will not tell us, what we shall do. Ranveer says she is innocent and you can’t blame the innocent. He tells Dadi that he will not let anything happen to Suhani.

The woman in the lock up tells that she can do 10 murders for him. Inspector points gun at him. Ranveer says I will not go without Suhani. Inspector asks him to stop the drama. Ranveer asks him to shoot, and asks Suhani to come. The constables hold his hands. Suhani shouts Ranveer. Ranveer pushes the constables down. Suhani asks him to go, and says you are trapping yourself to save me, asks him to control his anger and go from there. Ranveer asks her to come, and says there is a conspiracy against you, I can’t leave you here. Inspector shoots at Ranveer. Ranveer sits down to safety. Suhani asks if he is fine. Ranveer says he is fine. Inspector says I am saying for the last time. Ranveer says Suhani is innocent and I will take her from here. Mamta comes there and says you will not take suhani from here, and says you are trying to die for this girl, who wants to kill your Papa. She requests Inspector not to show sympathy and file strong case against her.

Ranveer stops Inspector and tells that he wants to talk to maa. Mamta says I am not your mother, but Vikrant Oberoi’s wife. She says finger prints are matched and now your father’s statement will be used. She shows Vikrant’s video in which he tells that Suhani is greedy and was behind his son, and that’s why planned his murder intentionally. Suhani asks Ranveer not to get angry. Mamta gives the mobile to Inspector. Inspector says we will make the charge sheet and asks constable to put her behind bars. Ranveer tells Mamta that I asked Suhani to give injection, I shall be jailed and not Suhani. Mamta tells Suhani that Ranveer lost his power to think due to her. She walks out of the PS with Vikram. She is about to sit in the car, when Ranveer comes and stops her. He asks Vikram to sit in the car. He says what is all this, you was ready to accept Suhani, and was coming with us to the new house. He says then what happened suddenly? Mamta says I am not blind like you and says my eyes are opened now. She says I was foolish not to hear Vikrant ji, he was keep telling that we have to save our son from Suhani, but I didn’t believe him. Ranveer says so this pot is planted by Vikrant Oberoi. Mamta says I will not hear anything against him. She asks him to choose between Suhani and her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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