Sirf Tum 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer bails out Suhani

Sirf Tum 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani threatening to shoot herself if anyone comes near her. The Inspector says she is acting and not having strength to shoot. Suhani says you are saying this. She shoots. Ranveer tells Judge about Suhani’s 1st semester results. He says we are taught in college that we have to save patient’s life anyhow. He says I was with her in the hospital and was supervising the treatment of the patient. He says I am not asking you to close the case, if she is proved guilty then you can punish her. The Inspector looks at the roof as the bullet hits the roof. Suhani says I am not joking, I will shoot myself. Inspector asks her to come and sit in the van, else he will else her parents. Rakesh comes there and asks her not to back off, and don’t give up. Ranveer reminds Judge of his words that an innocent person shall not be punished. Inspector says you are taking law in your hand. Rakesh argues with him, and asks how can you take suhani to jail without hearing, she is a medical student. The lady constable walks silently towards Suhani and snatches gun from her hand. The Inspector and the constables take her in the van. Rakesh continues to argue to stop Inspector. Suhani says I know my Ranveer will come. Ranveer comes there and stops Inspector from closing the van’s door. He says nobody will take you to jail, as this is your bail papers. Inspector says arrest him, for interfering in law work. Ranveer says you are hurdling the law and asks how he can shift Suhani to jail without the trial. He says I am going to file case against everyone and shows the bail papers. The Inspector reads it and says what we can do, we got order from above. Ranveer says I will send everyone to jail. He asks him to get release papers ready. Inspector says ok.

Ranveer appreciates Suhani for her courage and says I am proud of you. Suhani says I got the strength from the hope which you gave me. Rakesh thanks him. Ranveer says she is my need, I will not let anything happen to her. Dadi says Inspector didn’t give me even tea, and asks Sudha to make Paratha when they reach home. Sudha says I will make paratha, sweets etc. Suhani says I will not go home, but will go to apologize to Vikrant and Mamta. He says you didn’t do any mistake. Suhani says I gave that injection and shall be apologized. Ranveer says they will not hear you and will misunderstand you, and I can’t bear. Suhani says until she apologizes to Mamta, she will not be at peace and asks Ranveer not to interfere. Ranveer says ok and says you will not stay in hospital for much time. John says Uncle is not in hospital now, he went out.

Vikram says it is good that Bhai saheb came home. Mamta does his aarti and says our Jodi shall be there always. Roshni says it will happen, when that Suhani lets us. Ranveer says positivity is needed around the patient and the persons saying nonsense shall stay away from patient. Everyone sees Suhani coming there with Rakesh. She tells that Ranveer shall get standing ovation for bringing this girl here. Dada ji says atleast Suhani shall get a chance to clarify. He asks Suhani and Rakesh to come inside. They are about to come. Mamta shouts stop and looks angrily.

She walks towards Suhani. Suhani says I came to apologize to you. Mamta slaps her hard. Suhani says it is my mistake, I accept it, but I didn’t do it intentionally. Mamta says if you think that you can melt me showing your fake tears, then you are wrong. She accuses her for trying to separate her from her son and for attempting to kill her husband. She curses her that she will never become a doctor, her hands will shaken up whenever she holds an injection, you will see my husband’s face and your sins, says your dreams will never be fulfilled to become a doctor, says when you walks towards hospital, your feet will be shaken up. Rakesh asks her to stop it. He says you don’t have the right to curse my daughter, my daughter came here to apology as she is elder, and you are saying this. He asks Suhani to come. Ranveer says the girl, who saved your husband, you have cursed her. He says you are unfair, and says the judge is fair who gave her a chance to proof her innocence. He says this is unfair, and says whatever happened was infront of my eyes, you know that I never lie, then also you haven’t believed me. He asks her to remember that she has not only cursed Suhani, but her son too. He holds her hand and tells Suhani that he had said that nobody will understand her. Mamta asks you can’t leave me. Ranveer says you have many people who will handle you, but my Suhani is alone, I am doing what I was taught, supporting the truth and until I prove her innocence, I will not step in this house. He leaves with Suhani. Mamta shouts Ranveer and says today my son left me for her. She says I will never forgive her. Vikrant comes to her and asks her to handle herself. He says it is good that this greedy girl’s reality came infront of you. He says Ranveer will not go anywhere, trust me.

Ranveer, Suhani, Rakesh and his family are going in the car, when Ansh’s people throw stones on the car, telling slogans against Suhani, urging her to come out of the car. Ansh and Rishi look on. Ansh says you can’t answer to my shot this time. Rakesh says they are Vikrant’s employers. Ranveer says it seems they are hired to do this. The people appeals to hang Suhani. Ranveer gets down from the car and stands on the car. Ansh says Ranveer gave a good chance, nobody will know who hit him. Ranveer makes video of the people and says shout how much you want, and use all the weapon openly, when this video will be viral then all the world will see that the people working with Vikrant, think them above law. He says when Judge gave a chance to Suhani, then who are you to give her hang punishment. Somebody throws stone on his head. Suhani shouts Ranveer.

Precap will be added later.

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