Shakti Arora reveals the reason behind joining Kundali Bhagya midway

Shakti Arora, the new face of Kundali Bhagya would have ideally preferred to return to TV after a gap of three years with a new show but it was the arc of his character, Arjun, in the show that prompted him to join Kundali Bhagya midway.

During a recent interview with BT, the actor talked about it and shared, “The fact that I would be entering an ongoing show did occur to me because the actor before me had already made a mark and I wondered what more could I add to it. However, I am not replacing anyone on the show. I am playing a new character, Arjun. The graph of the character just bowled me over. That’s what piqued my interest and I took up the offer. Another advantage is that the show enjoys a loyal audience and I won’t have to struggle on that front. In today’s day and age, when shows are wrapping up in less than three months, what if mine fizzles out in no time. Log bolenge ki teen saal se baitha hai aur teen months mein show band ho gaya (laughs!).”

He added, “I was only auditioning for web series and wasn’t keen on taking up a TV show, especially because I wasn’t able to connect with the content on the small screen anymore. I didn’t see any improvement in the content on TV. But my character in KB is different from what I was being offered on TV. They were run-of-the-mill shows with nothing unique to offer.”

Talking about the three-year gap from TV, the actor said, “Though I was shortlisted for some web series, I wasn’t too excited about the roles. Those characters wouldn’t have left a lasting impact on the audience. I want to climb the ladder and not step down. Besides, I have always taken breaks between two projects. I don’t chase money or an opportunity to be seen on the screen throughout. I seek creative satisfaction. However, I realized that the wait had become too long, so, when the makers offered me the role of the protagonist, I took it up. I don’t want to become a case of out-of-sight-out-of-mind. I am glad that I am back with an interesting character.”

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