Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Oswal family enjoying the picnic. Aarav says today shall be announced as world’s Oswal day. Simar says we shall do a family addition also. Badimaa says today we will declare as Happy Oswal day and Mango day. She says we will come here every year and will enjoy mango here. Reema says they used to climb the tree and pluck mangoes. She says we used to give greed to Gagan and make him pluck mangoes. Simar tells Reema that they shall pluck the mangoes from the tree. Vivaan tells Aarav that they shall do something to increase respect in wives’ eyes. They lift them, so that they can pluck mangoes. They pluck the mangoes happily. Dhami looks angrily holding the gun. Badimaa looks at the mango. Gajendra tells poetry praising Sandhya. Aarav continues the poetry as Gajendra gets stuck. Reema says this is true love, what you can do for me. Vivaan tells poetry complimenting Reema’s beauty et. Reema says I love you. Vivaan says I love you too. They have a hug. Aarav appreciates his poetry. Sandhya says we shall serve the food. Aarav senses something and gets up. Simar asks where are you going? Aarav says he will be back soon. He goes. Dhami hits rod on his head and then aims gun at his head. She then hits Aarav on backside of his head. Aarav is about to faint. Simar comes there and sees Dhami injuring Aarav. Dhami says now nobody can save you from me. Simar asks Dhami to leave him and says his head is bleeding. Dhami asks her to move back. Simar calls Badimaa, Papa etc. Everyone comes there. Dhami asks them to move back and tells it is impossible to separate us. Vivaan asks her to leave Aarav. Dhami says I am taking him to the other side of life, and asks who will separate us after death. Simar asks what is this madness, didn’t you see his condition.

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