Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhami bankrupts Badimaa

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar asking Maharaj ji if the work is done. Maharaj ji tells Simar that knife, scissor and fork are missing from the kitchen, this has happened for the first time. Simar says how can this happen. Maharaj ji tells that they got missing from Dining table too. Simar asks him to get new cutlery from the storeroom and thinks where did they go? Dhami thinks everyone shall know what will the consequences for colliding with her. Aarav tells Simar that something is going on in Dhami’s mind, she will not sit quiet. Everyone comes to the hall for aarti. Badi maa says you all have come for aarti. Simar says yes badi maa. Dhami comes and says no Badi maa. She comes near them and says now everyone have come. Badi maa says lets start. Dhami says one minute. She goes to the door and claps, signs someone to come. Two guys come there holding the boxes. Vivaan asks what is this nonsense? Dhami says you all have presented a small play, now I will show the play. Samar and Yamini come there. Dhami smiles. Yamini and Samar are about to get inside. Badi maa shouts asking them to stop there itself. Yamini and Samar stops. Dhami is still smiling. Everyone holds their hands against the evils. Sasural Simar ka plays…..

Badi maa tells that her family will not let them cross this doorstep. Yamini says we don’t need your family’s permission to come here and says Dhami has called us. Dhami says surely.Aarav asks why did they come? Samar says Simar had signed the contract and which she didn’t complete. He says today is the recording date, she refused to come to studio and that’s why I brought the studio here. Yamini tells that Simar has signed this contract in her consciousness, I she don’t complete then the legal action will be taken against her. Simar checks the papers and gets shocked. She gives papers to Badi maa. Badi ma also reads it.. Aarav then takes the papers in his hand. Simar says so this contract was also part of your conspiracy. Yamini says she has to become evil to face the devil. Badi Maa tells that she wants to tell her, that she don’t have any enmity with music now, I hate you and not music. Yamini is shocked. She says if my bahu has Maa saraswati’s tune in her throat then it is a blessing for us, and tells that if Simar wants to sing, I don’t have any objection, but she will not sing for you. Gajendra says they are ready to revoked the contract and asks Yamini to tell the price. Badi maa asks what do you think that you will make Oswals dance on your tune and make them slave, this can never happen. Gajendra asks them to tell the price and leave. Samar says this contract is bought by the new producer. Badi maa asks him to tell the name of the new producer and end the matter right here.

Dhami brings the dog’s belt and swings it, says Simar is my slave and has to dance on my tune. Aarav keeps hand on Simar’s shoulder. Dhami says I have bought this contract. Everyone is shocked. Badi maa says tell the price. Dhami says I can’t help you, and says I am ready to pay anything to make Simar as my slave. Aarav asks how can anyone stoop so low and asks her to get out from the house. Dhami threatens him talking about marriage certificate, her parents and the lawyers. He says you…Dhami says I love you. Dhami tells that she had taken money from her father to buy this contract and asks them to transfer 20 crores to her father’s account. Badi maa says ok and calls Manager, asking him to deposit money in someone’s account. Manager says you don’t have money in your account. Badi maa asks what do you mean, don’t you know with whom you are talking to, and asks if you are not in your senses. Dhami says he is in his senses and tells Badi Maa that she is bankrupt.

Simar asks her to be in her limits. Dhami asks her to stay in limits, else she will throw her on the ground. Simar says you have crossed all the limits today and says bank account. Dhami says you are in trauma, I will not say. Some men comes there and tells that your company’s cheques bounced and they want payments now itself. Aarav takes them to side. Gajendra, Aarav and others talk to someone on call and comes to know that their accounts are seized. Badi maa recalls Dhami’s words and stumbles. Everyone holds her. Simar says everyone is with you, will not let anything wrong happen.

Precap: the Oswal family leave from the Oswal Mansion. Badi maa holds the family picture and gets teary eyes. there is a combined episode of Sirf and Simar on 1st and 2nd june. Ranveer saves Suhani and assures to help Aarav and Simar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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