Sally Rooney Characters Ranked By How Insufferable They Are

I want to like Frances. I really do. After all, I think we are meant to relate to her in many ways. But god, she makes it so, so, so, so, so, so, so hard.

First and foremost is the wallowing. In true Rooney fashion, Frances does a lot of it. She wallows in her plainness, in her sadness, in her invented inability to communicate effectively, in her perceived discrepancy between her cool-girl politics and how insecure she feels. Despite claiming to be self-aware and in tune with the world, she never looks inward. Instead, she chooses to blame all her problems on other people so she can be sad and continue to do her favorite thing, which is wallowing. And making college look like the most joyless thing a person could possibly experience.

Most infuriating of all is how she treats Bobbi, who makes her feel insecure about how effortlessly she loves herself and owns her beliefs (and can we think of any other reasons why this might be???). She ditches Bobbi for Nick on multiple occasions, even using her to make him jealous — a scene which made me recoil from secondhand embarrassment — and generally treats her more like a token than a human being. For Pete’s sake, her first published piece of writing is a sob-fest exploiting Bobbi, whining about how uninteresting and drab she feels in comparison… after which she makes a non-apology about how it was really an effort to get back at Bobbi for breaking up for her. And it’s never stated, but it’s implied she just goes through with it and pockets the money, even after Bobbi tells her how hurtful it is. And doesn’t that just encapsulate Frances’ entire personality? Whining about how she feels uninteresting compared to other people, and then proving how that’s exactly the case? Hurting people in the process and taking no accountability?

And then after all that, Frances ditches her one last time for Nick, who has done nothing but literally butt-dial her by accident. Get help, Frances!

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