Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Surya Rescues Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suhani drives her car away thinking Surya is dead. She calls her aide and asks him to dispose off Gehna and Urmila’s dead bodies and make sure nobody finds the dead bodies. On the other side, auto driver who dropped Gehna near the factory searches for Surya and notices his car crashed to a pavement and Surya severely injured in it. He sprinkles water on Surya’s face, wakes him up, and asks how did the accident happen. Surya says he doesn’t know. Driver says go to the hospital first. Surya says he should find Gehna first as her life is in danger. He smears dirt on his face and gets into auto. They head towards the factory.

Suhani’s aide aputs Urmila in a car and goes in to bring Gehna. Auto driver drops Surya outside the factory and says she went inside the facor. Surya gets inside and searches for Gehna. Suhani’s aide hears him and runs away from there. Police reaches there. Surya asks aide about Gehna. Aide punches him and runs away. Surya finds Gehna in a store room, jumps in, and rescues her out. Saath Nibhana Saathiya… song plays in the background. He rushes her to te hospital. Nurse checks Gehna and informs doctor that Gehna suffered hypothermia and gas poisoning. Gehna’s pulse starts dropping. They take Gehna inside the ICU.

Seth family reaches the hospital. Suhani wonders how Gehna can still be alive after being in cold storage and poisonous gas for hours. Sarika tells her that it won’t be easy to get rid off Gehna. She adds that Surya won’t leave Gehna too. Surya prays to God to save Gehna. Kaddu asks God to listen to Surya and save Gehna. Dada asks Doctor about Gehna’s condition. Doctor says that he can’t say anything because Gehna is in critical condition still. He asks Nurse to arrange an injection and leaves from there. Agastya comes there with police inspector. Dada asks police inspector about culprit. Police inspector tells him that they will find the culprit soon and asks for a statement. Seth family gives their statement.

Police inspector says that they wants Surya’s statement too. Dadi tells him that Surya is not in the condition to give a statement. Agastya asks Police inspector that if the latter can get Surya’s statement later. Police inspector nods at him. He reveals that they got Gehna’s call record so they can find the culprit. Sarika tells Suhani that the latter’s game is over. Suhani thinks that she has to handle her men. She tells Kaddu that she is leaving for the house to make food and leaves the hospital.

Suhani gives money to her aide and asks him to kill asks him to the old man who is with Urmila’s dead body and make it like an accident. He nods okay and walks away. Sarika frightens Suhani that her game is over now as once Gehna regains consciousness, she will expose her. Surya expresses his feelings for Gehna and pleads her to not leave him alone. Gehna opens her eyes, murmurs Surya, and falls unconscious again. Surya gets more concerned seeing that.

Precap: Gehna gets ready for the party and waits for Gopi’s arrival. Gopi attends her party.

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