Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Wins The Court Hearing

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suhani provokes Surya against Gehna and tells him Gehna deliberately hasn’t reached the court yet. Surya’s lawyer tells judge that Gehna never valued her relationship and is just wasting time, so he should pronounce the verdict without wasting time. Judge tells Agastya that time is really important in the court and if his client Gehna does not reach in 10 minutes, then he will give verdict in Surya’s favour. Sarika purposefully drives the car slowly. Gehna asks her to drive fast. Agastya calls Gehna and asks her to reach the court in 10 minutes before the verdict starts. Sarika takes a wrong direction. Gehna stops the car and runs on the road. She falls down. A speeding car heads towards her.

Back in the court, Surya tells Suhani that he feels weird and something wrong going to happen. Suhani asks him to wait for 3 minutes until good happens to him. Judge tells Agastya that it looks like his client is busy somewhere else and hence its time to announce judgement. Agastya requests him to give him some time and calls Gehna. Gehna is seen injured and her phone ringing. Surya opens the door. Gehna walks in with bleeding leg and asks judge to pronounce judgment. She faints. Surya holds her and worried for her asks if she is fine, asks someone to bring water. Gehna says she will not break her fast. Judge says he can give her next date. She says when Surya wants the judgement today, it will happen today.

Gehna walks into the witness box. Judge tells Gehna that she reached a minute before verdict, so she is on time. Surya’s lawyer alleges Gehna that she tried to snatch a son from her mother and forced Surya to disown his mother, but Surya being an obedient son decided to leave Gehna. Agastya then argues that Surya maybe a good son, but cannot be a good husband who is blindly following his mother, his mother Suhani doesn’t like Gehna since the beginning and hence wants to separate Surya from Gehna. He says opposition lawyer wrongly alleged Gehna without any proof. Surya’s lawyer says he has proof and needs time to prove it.

Judge then calls Surya into witness box and asks him if he wants to take divorce from his wife. Suhani signals him to say yes. He says yes, he wants to. Judge then asks Gehna if she wants to divorce Surya. Gehna says she loves Surya and will fight till her last breath to save her marriage. Surya’s lawyer alleges Gehna that she is a maid and forcefully married Surya for his wealth, he is eyeing to get rid off Suhani and become a sole owner of the wealth. He then character assassinates Gehna and says she is having an affair with other men.

Surya gets angry hearing that and trashes lawyer for character assassinating his wife. Judge asks him to return to the dias. Surya says his wife is pious and his lawyer wrongly alleged her. Judge then asks Gehna to speak. Gehna says she still wants to save her marriage and herself being a lawyer would like to reply to the opposition lawyer’s allegations. She says he alleged that she married Surya for money, she will sign a bond that she will not claim any of Surya’s properties till they are married; he alleged that she misbehaves with Suhani, she will the proof soon in her favor; he questioned her character, her husband proved that she is pious. She requests judge to give their relationship 6 months’ time and even then if Surya wants a divorce, she will happily divorce him. Judge agrees to Gehna’s request and adjourns the court. Gehna then smirks at Suhani.

Precap: Daadi welcomes Gehna after winning the court case. Suhani throws water on Gehna’s face and says she will ruin her plan similarly. Gehna challenges her that court gave her 6 months’ time, she will make Surya hers forever before that.

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