Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Surya Breaks Gehna’s Fast

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadi performs Gehna’s aarti when she returns from the court. Gehna says she hasn’t won the case yet. Daadi says she got a lifeline to her relationship with Surya after she got 6 months’ time from the court. Shreya performs her graha pravesh and asks her to start a new life with Surya. Daadi asks her to come and have food. Gehna says she will visit temple first as she is fasting. Daadi asks her to freshen up first and walks away.

Suhani throws water on Gehna’s graha pravesh footprints and says she will not let her win at any cost. Gehna challenges her that she can try her best, but she can’t break her determination. Suhani challenges her that she cannot stay here even for 6 months. Gehna challenges her that she will win Surya forever within 6 months. Suhani throw water on her face and says she will throw water similar on her intentions. Gehna says whatever she tries, she cannot do anything and says she is going to temple and is sure that Surya will visit temple for sure.

Gehna visits temple and waits for Surya. She sadly notices husbands breaking their wives’ fast. Panditji asks her why she is sitting alone. Gehna says she is waiting for her husband. Gehna continues waiting for Pandit till night. Everyone leaves temple. Panditji asks Gehna to go home. Gehna says she will wait till her husband returns. Gehna walks to her and offers her water. Gehna rejoices seeing him. A romantic song plays in the background. Suhani with Sarika watches them hiding and feels jealous. She thinks what is Surya up to. Sarika taunts Suhani. Surya tells Gehna if they can go home now if her wish is fulfilled. She nods yes. He sees her limping, lifts her, and walks towards home.

Suhani returs home and brings Gehna’s bags in the living room. Surya returns home with Gehna and notices Gehna’s bags out. He asks Suhani what is all this. Suhani says Gehna will shift to outhouse til their divorce proceedings. Daada asks what is she doing when court gave 6 months to revive Gehna and Surya’s marriage. Suhani says she is worried for Gehna and doesn’t want any negative impact on him. Surya say she will shift to outhouse instead. Gehna says there is no need for that as she trusts her love and herself will shift to outhouse.

Kaddu bua enters in taxi and calls family if they will not receive her. Dadaji rushes out to receive her. Surya touches her feet and takes her blessings. She says he has become more handsome. Dada and Dadi takes Kaddu’s blessings next. Kaddu scolds Suhani and Sarika for not touching her feet and forces them to touch her feet. She then asks Surya about his wife. Gehna touches he feet and takes her blessings. Kaddu hugs Gehna and taunts Suhani and Sarika. She then enters house and noticing luggage in the living room asks if Sarika is leaving. Suhani gets tense.d
Dadi silently tellls Suhani that Kaddu will not let this divorce happen once she finds out about it.

Precap: Gehna searches for Urmila and gets tensed seeing Suhani having Urmila’s mobile.

Update Credit to: MA

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