Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Surya’s Prayers Revives Gehna’s Life

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna takes Surya’s name and loses consciousness again. Surya tries to wake her up and calls Doctor. Doctor ith nurse walks in, sends him out of the room, and treats Gehna. Dada with Daadi reaches hospital and asks doctor about Gehna’s condition. Doctor informs him that Gehna’s condition is fine now, but she she is in coma. Dadi breaks down hearing that. Dada asks her to calm down as they need to to handle Surya too. They search for Surya in the hospital, but don’t find him.

Surya walks barefooted to the temple recalling Gehna doing so and prays god for Gehna’s well-being. Priest blesses him. ehna starts responding to medicine. Dada calls Surya and informs him that Gehna is out of danger now and they can take Gehna to house soon. Surya thanks God for saving Gehna. He takes Priest’s blessings.

After some time, Surya waits to meet Gehna in the hospital. He enters the room. Gehna wakes up and struggles to breathe. He gets scared and he is about to leave to call the Doctor. She holds his hand and tells him that she won’t leave him this easily. He tells her that he hates her and hugs her. She tells him that she knows that and says that she loves him too. He asks her that why she went to that factory that too alone. She lies to him that she learnt that his life in danger and he is there, that’s why she went there. He yells at her and tells her that she should have called him. She tells him that it was about his life. He asks her to take some rest and leaves the room. She wonders that what happened to Urmila.

Dada hugs Surya. He tells him that no one can separate the true lovers. Suhani agrees with him and says that she prayed for Gehna’s well-being. Dadi says that Gehna’s birthday coming. Kaddu suggests to throw a party to celebrate Gehna’s birthday. Surya says that he and Sarika will handle the party preparations. Suhani thinks that Surya forgot about divorce.

Agastya meets Surya and says Gehna’s report is normal. Surya says only a friend can support another friend so much and thanks him for everything. Agastya goes to meet Gehna. Suhani hopes that Gehna does not tell the truth to Agastya. Gehna tells Agastya that she is totally fine. She asks him that if someone else was there. She is about to tell the truth to him but Nurse interrupts them. Nurse gives medicine to Gehna and shows Suhani’s threat message too and leaves from there. Agastya asks Gehna that if Suhani is behind all this. She tells him that she doen’t know.

Suhani blasts the car in which Urmila is there. She says that now it’s Gehna’s turn and laughs. Later, she welcomes Gehna and Surya and thinks Gehna should be ready for worst second innings in her house . At night, Sarika wakes up murmuring that Gehna is trying to kill her. Gehna says its reality and threatens to kill Sarika if she doesn’t inform who was behind her and Urmila’s kidnap. Sarika reveals that Suhani is behind everything and pleads her to spare her. Gehna records her confession and thinks it’s enough to prove that Suhani got her and Urmila kidnapped. Suhani walks in and asks if her drama is over. Gehna says Suhani’s drama will start now instead.

Precap: Gehna gets ready for the party and waits for Gopi’s arrival. Gopi attends her party.

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