RadhaKrishn 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi Bhrigu Questions Srinivas

RadhaKrishn 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Srinivas showers lotus flowers on Bhargavi making her immensely happy. He then clears the stuck petals in her hair. She tries to leave feeling shy. He holds her hand and asks why she feeling shy now when she herself ordered him to gift her lotus flowers. Vasu tells Bhrigu that he may consider his gift to Bhargavi wrong and Srinivas’ gift as right. Bhrigu thinks why Srinivas is gifting lotus flowers to Bhargavi.

Bhrigu angrily walks to Bhargavi and showing flower baskets asks what are these. Bhargavi gets nervous. Srinivas says he brought flowers for Bhargavi. Bhrigu says he immensely loves his daughter, but also grew her up with discipline and wouldn’t tolerate if he is insulted because of Bhargavi or she is insulted because of her own act. He asks him the reason for giving flowers to Bhargavi. Srinivas nervously says there is a big reason, but he is unable to explain. Khyati asks him to calm down and speak.

Bhrigu says he is getting angry as Srinivas is trying to hide something. Srinivas requests him a day’s time to explain a valid reason. Bhrigu agrees and says if he doesn’t give him a valid reason by tomorrow, he need not return tomorrow. Srinivas agrees and says he will bring remaining flowers in and asks him to throw them away tomorrow if he doesn’t like the reason. Khyati backs him. Bhrigu agrees. Srinivas brings flower baskets in and gives them to Bhargavi. Bhargavi asks what will happen tomorrow. Bhrigu orders her not to meet Srinivas until tomorrow. Srinivas says he will answer Bhrigu as he has the power of Sri’s love now.

Srinivas returns ot Natraj temple and explains him situation. Govindraj suggests him to accept that he loves Bhargavi. Srinivas disagrees. Govindraj asks if he will love Bhargavi whole life and not marry her. Srinivas asks him to just wait and watch.
Bhargavi doesn’t get sleep in tension. Srinivas tells Govindraj that he kept a gift for Bhargavi under her pillow which will make her more happy. Bhargavi feels happy seeing flower petals.

Next morning, Bhargavi eagerly waits for Srinivas. Her friends Vidya and others visit her. She gifts green bangles to Vidya as her wedding gift. Vidya cries and says her wedding is canceled as the groom’s family are demanding a lavish wedding. Bhargavi consoles her. Vasu looks at stale flowers and thinks Srinivas’ dreams will also get stale like these flowers.

Precap: Srinivas informs Govindraj that his and Bhargavi’s wedding is fixed. Govindraj rejoices hearing that. Padmavati is shocked to hear about it.

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