RadhaKrishn 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas And Bhargavi Spend Quality Time Together

RadhaKrishn 31st May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhrigu feels Narayan found out about Bhargavi and Vasu’s alliance and will come to take Bhargavi with him. Srinivas thinks he will take Bhargavi along with him for sure. Bhargavi thinks she needs to inform Srinivas about her and Vasu’s alliance and starts writing a letter when she notices a shadow behind her and shouts. Srinivas shuts her mouth and says its him. Bhrigu walks towards Bhargavi’s room thinking he will not let Narayan take away his Grihalaxmi with him.

Srinivas smiles. Bhargavi says she is crying and he is smiling on her. Srinivas says let the tears flow out as he wants stay in her eyes. They continue their conversation when Bhrigu walks in. Bhargavi acts as asleep and Srinivas hides. Bhrigu thinks its his imagination and walks away. Srinivas says he has already arrived here. Bhargavi asks him to leave. Srinivas says let us go out and speak and takes her out.

Vasu’s spies try to enter the house to find out why Srinivas came to meet Bhargavi. They hide outside the house. Srinivas takes Srinivas to a garden with swing and flower decoration. She gets impressed and asks what was the need for that. He says a lover would do this for his lady love and makes her sit beside him on a swing. He then express his love for her.

Padmavati reaches river bank and waits for Srinivas hoping he would propose her today. Srinivas asks Bhargavi if she trusts him. She says she trusts him more than herself, but cannot go against her father. He promises her that they will marry with her father’s blessings. He then explains the meaning of Srinivas and asks if he can call her Sri. She likes it. He shows her Sri written on the trees and says he wrote it on the trees when he came to Venkatgiri. Mahadev and Devi Gauri think the world will watch Bhargavi and Srinivas’ love story.

Spies notice Bhargavi and Srinivas come from outside and think what Srinivas is up to. Srinivas then walks to Padmavati and says he doesn’t want her to think that he never wants her to lose in the competition. She says she knows and disappointed asks if he called her to inform only this. He says there is one more thing.

Precap: Srinivas tells Govindraj that Bhrigu himself will fix Bhargavi’s alliance with him. Bhrigu asks Bhargavi if she met someone last night.

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