RadhaKrishn 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas Sends A Letter To Padmavati

RadhaKrishn 30th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhargavi cries recalling Srinivas proposing her and desiring to marry her as soon as possible. She also recalls Bhrigu informing about fixing her alliance with Vasu. She asks Mahadev why he gave her so much pain and why he united her with Srinivas when he had to separate them. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that she is feeling bad seeing Bhargavi’s condition and asks him why don’t he explain Bhrigu not to be cruel to his daughter. Mahadev says Srinivas will explain Bhrigu instead as he is Narayan and he will also take Bhargavi away after sharing knowledge with Bhrigu.

Srinivas cries remembering Bhargavi and thinks her tears reveal that her wedding is fixed with Vasu, but he will not let Vasu take her away from him and show Vasu that true love means. Padmavati wears ghungroo gifted by Srinivas and smiles remembering Srinivas. Her friend taunts her why she didn’t remove ghungrooo yet, if she is remembering Srinivas. Padmavati says Srinivas gifted these ghungroo to her. Friend Srinvas has sent a love letter to her. Padmavati gets more happy hearing that.

Govindraj eagerly waits for Srinivas to return and prays god to keep Srinivas and Bhargavi happy always. Srinivas returns. Govindraj asks if he informed Bhargavi that he loves her. Srinivas says Bhargavi revealed that even she loves him, but he couldn’t inform her that her father has fixed her alliance with Vasu. Gondindraj says he will speak to Bhrigu and convince him for Srinivas and Bhargavi’s marriage. Srinivas says there is no need for that as he already sent an invitation. Govindraj says Bhargavi must be happy seeing the invitation. Srinivas says he sent letter to Padmavati instead.

Govindraj scolds him for sending invitation to Padmavati not worried for Bhargavi. Srinivas asks him not to worry as he planned too well and will defeat Vasu in 1 go. He asks Govindraj to not think much and rest. Govindraj gets worried for him.

Padmavati reads Srinivas’ letter requesting her to meet him at river bank and thinks he must have called her there to propose her. Friends taunt her. Srinivas hears Vasu ordering spies to spy on his would be Bhargavi, Srinivas, and even Padmavati. He thinks Bhargavi belongs to him and Vasu cannot get her. Spies assure Vasu to give him a detailed report. Srinivas walks in front of spies. They follow him. He misleads them and loudly informs someone that he is going to meet Bhargavi. Bhrigu wakes up from sleep and senses Narayan finding out about Bhargavi and Vasu’s alliance and will come here to take Bhargavi with him. Srinivas enters Bhargavi’s room and thinks he will take Bhargavi with him at any cost.

Precap: Bhargavi senses someone in her room and shouts. Srinivas shuts her mouth. Bhrigu rushes to her room thinking if Narayan came there.

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