RadhaKrishn 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas Saves Padmavati And Bhargavi

RadhaKrishn 2nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Srinivas visits Bhrigu’s ashram and greets him. Bhrigu asks him what is he doing here. Srinivas says he needs to talk to him. Bhrigu’s disciple informs him that Srinivas is waiting for him since long without havig anythig. Bhrigu asks Srinivas what he wants to say. Srinivas says he 2 men suspiciously walks out of his house and when he followed them, he found them getting into a palace. Bhrigu says even he saw 2 men outside his house. Srinivas says it’s true and he always supports truth. Bhrigu says they need to inform Bhargavi as she thinks it was his imagination. Srinivas thinks now he will turn the table against Vasu.

Padmavati thinks about Srinivas and thinks she is his student and can meet him anytime. She visits Natraj temple and asks Govindraj about Srinivas. Govindraj says Srinivas has gone out for an important work. Padmavati decides to wait for Srinivas.

Bhrigu takes Srinivas home. Srinivas dances behind him. Bhargavi gets angry and says Srinivas is late today. Bhrigu says he had visited the ashram and goes ot get pooja items asking Srinivas to inform what they discussed. Bhargavi says she thought father caught them last night, but he said he saw 2 men around the house. Srinivas notices Bhrigu returning and offers a flower garland to Bhargavi to submit it to Tulsi maiya. She asks him to submit it himself. He says she is the daughter and Laxmi of this house. Bhrigu gets impressed by him and recalls his decision of testing both Srinivas and Vasu and deciding who the best is to marry Bhargavi.

Inebriated spies discuss how Srinivas is fooling both Bhargavi and Padmavati. Bala walks to them and scolds them that Padmavati found out about them spying on her and Srinivas and will definitely research about it. Bhrigu asks Srinivas to tell Bhargavi what they discussed. Srinivas says even he saw 2 men outside the house who went to palace. Bhrigu says they should visit the palace and inform king about it. Srinivas says he needs to visit Natraj temple first and then will meet him directly at the palace.

Srinivas visits Natraj temple and meets Padmavavati and tells her that he will find out who the 2 spies were. Padmavati asks how will they find it. Srinivas says a special person will reveal do that and takes her to meet king. Bala gets tensed hearing their conversation. Bhrigu informs king that 2 spies were spying on his house and Srinivas saw them entering palace. Srinivas with Padmavati walks in and says he saw the men entering palace. Padmavati thinks Srinivas easily escaped. King asks Srinivas if he can identify them. Srinivas says he definitely will and even Bhrigu, Padma, and Bhargavi will. King orders servant to gather all the spies. Bala thinks even he and Vasu will be caught now. Vasu heads toward home thinking if Srinivas is trying to create trouble in his marriage. Srinivas thinks he is.

Precap: Padmavati asks Bhargavi what was Srinivas with her last night. Bhargavi says they have a special relationship.
Padmavati says she has special relationship with Srinivas instead and he had called her to riverbank last night to gift her a lotus.

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