RadhaKrishn 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas Starts His Plan To Marry Bhargavi

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Srinivas tells Padmavati that he wants her to be pure hearted always and doesn’t want her to change. She stands confused. He says Padmavati means one arisen from lotus, he wants her to be pure hearted like lotus. He shows her lotus flowers in lake and brings one for her. Vasu’s spies continue to spy on them. Srinivas offers lotus for Padma but backs off saying 2 spies are spying on them, so he will go from there. Padmavati gets angry on spies.

Srinivas returns home. Govindraj asks where he had gone at midnight. Srinivas says now its time to execute his plan and make rishi Bhrigu himself get him married to Bhargavi. Spies return to Bala and inform that Srinivas was flirting with Padmavati at the river bank. Bala sends a letter to Vasu and thinks Vasu will punish Srinivas.

Srinivas wakes up early morning and prepares garland to meet Bhirgu. Govindraj taunts that he is the first groom who is preparing garland himself. Sriniva says Bhrigu will fix Bhargavi’s alliance with him. Bhrigu wanders at home angrily in the morning. Khyati asks him reason. He asks her to call Bhargavi. Bhargavi walks to him. He asks if she noticed someone entering her room. She gets tensed thinking if he saw Sriinvas. He says he saw 2 men outside her room. She realaxes hearing that. He says he will find out who those 2 men were.

Vasu invites a neighboring king and his sons for Padmavati’s swayamvar. King say his sons cannot attend swayamvar as they are skilled warrior and not skilled dancers. Vasu says he asked Padmavati to change her challenge, but she didn’t listen. Padmavati walks to her father and asks if he sent spies behind her. He denies and says she shouldn’t go out at night though. Vasu gets Bala’s letter and leaves from there. Srinivas reaches Bhrigu’s ashram.

Precap: Padmavati asks Bhargavi what was Srinivas with her last night. Bhargavi says they have a special relationship.
Padmavati says she has special relationship with Srinivas instead and he had called her to river bank last night to gift her a lotus.

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