RadhaKrishn 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas’ Explanation Convinces Rishi Bhrigu

RadhaKrishn 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhargavi consoles Vidya when she feels disheartened after her wedding is canceled by telling her Srinivas’ said story. Vidya says it happens in stories and not in reality. Khyati walks in and informs that Vasu has come to meet Bhargavi. Bhargavi meets Vasu who says he wants to know why she is accepting gifts from Srinivsa while she is engaged to him. Bhrigu says even he wants to know the reason and asks where is Srinivas who has to answer him.

Srinivas walks in and says he brought his explanation. Vidya’s father walks in and requests Bhrigu to let him perform Vidya’s marriage at his big house as groom’s family is rich and wants a lavish wedding. He also seeks monetary help from Vasu. Vasu hesitantly agrees. Bhrigu also permits for the wedding at his house saying Vidya is Bhargavi’s friend and is like his daughter. Father thanks them and leaves to make wedding arrangements.

Vasu asks Srinivas to tell the reason for gifting flowers to Bhargavi. Srinivas says Vidya’s wedding is a reason and describes a fake story. Bhrigu gets convinced while Vasu continues to question him. He stops Vasu and asks him to make sure wedding doesn’t stop due to financial constraints. Bhargavi questions Srinivas about is story. Srinivas says their love has bonded together and he can senses what’s in her mind.

Govindraj while washing clothes at the river bank thinks what Srinivas must have answered Rishi Bhrigu. Srinivas walks him and after a bit of acting says wedding is fixed. Govindraj rejoices thinking Srinivas and Bhargavi’s wedding is fixed and distributes money among kids. Srinivas reveals its Vidya’s wedding. Govindraj feels disappointed hearing that.

Bhargavi gifts green bangles to Vidya. Devi Gauri and Mahadev praise devi Lakshmi/Bhargavi’s kind gesture. Vidya thanks Bhargavi for her help. Bhargavi makes a wedding invitation list. Friend suggests to invite even Padmavati. Bhargavi says Padmavati may not attend poor brahmin girl’s marriage. Vidya expresses her desire. Bhargavi writes down Padmavati’s name. On the other side, Padmavati waits for Srinivas. Govindraj informs her that Srinivas is busy in wedding arrangment.

Precap: Padmavati orders her aides to find out whose wedding Srinivas is making arrangements for. Aides question shopkeepers and inform its Srinivas and Bhargavi’s wedding. Padmavati is shocked to hear that.

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