Radha Mohan 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha tries to remove the photo of Tulsi from Mohan’s room

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Tulsi exclaims Damini saw an opportunity in Radha to befriend Gungun but now she has seen an opportunity in Radha to defeat her, Mohan turns while Radha is staring at him, he questions why is she always staring as either she stares or cries, he asks her to com as he is going to show her the room, Radha is not able to move when he takes her hand pulling her away from the family seeing which Damini gets really restless seeing them both walking up the stairs.

Radha while walking up the stairs questions Mohan how can she live alone in the room, Mohan explains just like everyone else lives in this house, Radha replies she has never lived alone all her life, as even in the village they all lived in the same room, Mohan exclaims there would not be any privacy but Radha replies that she feels it is great since the entire family is at the same place and they can understand if even anyone is ill. Mohan exclaims why has she started giving him lecture once again as she must start walking towards the room, Mohan exclaims if Gungun can live alone in the room then why not her, Radha listening to her name rushes to the room, Mohan follows her.

Gungun is playing when Radha sits in front of her explaining Mohan je said she can live in the guest room, Gungun asks if she came to take the keys but Radha informs she has never lived alone so came to ask if she can live with her, Gungun refuses to let her stay when Radha asks what is the problem as she would not do anything wrong, Gungun still refuses but when Radha asks, she replies that Radha is teaching her good things and she would become a nice girl when she is happy in being a bad girl, Mohan asks if they should leave.

Damini comes out with her mother who says she feels as if Radha has made Mohan follow her while trying the knots in her dupatta, she would surely also take Mohan to her room, Damini asks on whose side is she, Damini’s mother explains she warned her to not let Radha make the ladoo as now she is going to stay in this house, Damini questions what could have she done as she can not throw her out of the house, she is at least thinking when her mother is just instigating her, Damini calls someone asking them to come as soon as possible, her mother questions what happened when she explains the only thing that can change it all is her marriage with Mohan.

Radha along with everyone else is looking at the invitation cards when Mohan comes down calling her, he questions what is she doing here as he gave her a task to write it ten times, Radha in excitement explains they are all really nice cards and he has to select one from them for his wedding, Damini goes to show him the designs, Mohan taking them in his hands starts recalling the time when he was with Tulsi and she could not decide the designs for the cards, she then brought a leaf mentioning they are going to write the invitation to all the guests as it would be really unique, he tried to convince her saying it will take a lot of time but she said he could have the cards printed in his next marriage to which he said he is only going to marry her, Mohan realizing the past gets frustrated and throws the card questioning what is all this, Kadambari standing asks what is this behavior when he asks what is the need for such lavish expenses, as they can even get married amongst their family members as it is not his first marriage, Damini replies she is getting married for the first time, Mohan calls her Tulsi, she appears aside Mohan exclaiming he said he hates her and has forgotten her then how did he take her name, Mohan and Damini both get a little awkward when he apologizes to her mentioning they can get married eve without all of this, she is really quiet when he asks if they can get married without all the preparations, Mohan leaves in anger.

Damini’s mother exclaims this is wrong as he doesnot let them take her name but he himself is calling Tulsi, Damini leaves in anger when her mother is really furious, Kadambari tries to calm her down. Damini sits down on the bed exclaiming Tulsi did not leave Mohan even when she died, Radha comes to stand her side mentioning that she knows Damini is hurt, she replies there is nothing to be worried about as her soon to be husband is still remembering his dead wife. Radha mentions she knows how Mohan is feeling because now that he is marrying once again, he is still remembering Tulsi. Damini thinks of controlling her anger otherwise she would hit her in the head, Radha assures that Mohan really loves her but he cannot forget Tulsi, Damini standing mentions she is aware of what he is feeling but she feels it is all because of the photo of Tulsi that is hanging in his room, she exclaims she never gathered the courage to remove it so requests Radha if she can do it for her, but Radha replies that the photo also has the feelings and moments which Mohan jee spent with Tulsi, she doesnot want him to lose it all, Damini replies if the old things are thrown out then new happiness would come, she asks if Radha wants him to be the same as he is or become the old Mohan which she knew, Radha gets emotional exclaiming if this is the way then she is going to do it so leaves for the room of Mohan, Damini thinks Radha would now know how much she knows Mohan.

Radha enters the room greeting Tulsi, who appears questioning how did she get the time to talk with her, Radha explains that she has never met her but is like a Bhagt of Mohan, he came to her life at a moment when she was in despair and he helped her recover, but after Tulsi jee died everything in his life changed for the worse, so now she has to make sure he become happy which can never happen until the photo of Tulsi jee is in his room as this makes him remember all the pain that is in his life, Tulsi gets shocked thinking this is the new plan of Damini, she requests Radha to not try and remove the photo but Radha apologizes saying she needs to do it for Mohan jee, Tulsi exclaims Damini is just using her, she must not change the photo as there is a secret hidden in it and Tulsi cannot let her remove it, Radha starts reaching for the photo seeing which Tulsi starts getting really frustrated.

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