Radha Mohan 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update

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Damini questions if she did not understood it till now that nothing in this house happens against her will, Gungun asks her to leave if she is done with the lecture but Damini refuses to leave saying Gungun has to stay with her in this house and she cannot do anything about it, Damini throws the doll and her other toys explaining now she will not let Gungun do things as per her desire, she will not be allowed to even play the games on her mobile and laptop, Gungun questions if she has gotten mad calling her as Dumbo, Damini tries her best to instigate Gungun, Tulsi thinks what is her plan as she is sure Damini is trying to do something awful, Gungun replies she doesnot have the battery to fight with her, Damini thinks she needs to get angry in order for her plan to work, Damini exclaims now she is her mother, Gungun must stop taking the name of her mother, Damini tries her best to instigate Gungun into hitting her, Tulsi questions why is she doing this because if Gungun hits her, she will make her seem bad in front of everyone. Damini mentions she can even throw the photo of her mother out of the house and no one can do anything about it, Damini starts walking towards the photo frame when Gungun hits her with a bottle, Damini thinks she has actually done what she desired, Damini breaks the photo frame seeing which Gungun starts weeping, she is heartbroken and turns to look at Damini, exclaiming she broke the photo of her mother so now she is going to tell everyone. Gungun rushes out of the room.

Damini is standing when the curtains in the room suddenly start moving, she gets tensed as Tulsi is standing in front of her, Damini exclaims if she is here because she will surely be at the side of her daughter, Damini exclaims she is now going to make her daughter cry every day, warning Tulsi to do what she feels like because she cannot do anything about it, Tulsi this her in the head with a vase, Damini holds the injury on her head thanking Tulsi for it as this is what she needed to fulfill her plan.

Mohan is constantly asking Gungun why is she crying but she doesnot tell anyone, Radha even asks her what has happened, she advises her to first stop crying. Mohan once again questions her, Gungun asks if he hates her and doesnot care about what she feels, this is why he is marrying Damini, she really hates her but Radha replies that she must not talk like this with the elders, Gungun explains Damini hates her and she has even broken the photo of her mother, Mohan is not able to believe it, Damini’s mother wonders what has she done since now Tulsi is going to ruin her life, Ketika explains to Rahul that Gungun will surely have Damini thrown out of the house. Mohan once again asks her so she reveals that Damini broke the frame, she coming from behind asks Gungun if this is the entire truth, as it can be that she did not touch her but Gungun in reality hit her, Damini removes her hand which reveals the injury, Damini’s mother rushes to her asking if Gungun is the one who did it, she blames that Gungun is just a child but does such big things, she prays when are her pains going to end as she is a widow, Kadambari requests her to stop talking like this.

Damini assures she would not have said anything about her injury but she cannot take the blame of throwing the photo of Tulsi, she doesnot know why Gungun said all those things about her, Damini explains she just went there to talk with her questioning why is she thinking about going to the boarding school, in that anger Gungun start throwing the things during which even the photo frame broke. Gungun exclaims she is the one lying but Damini replies that she would never do anything like that, she just wanted to request Gungun to not leave the house but she got angry when she took the name of Mohan and started getting angry. Tulsi requests them to believe her daughter. Mohan exclaims Damini is not the one lying but it is Gungun, she questions why will Mohan believe her when he hates her, Mohan explains that he doesnot hate her but the track record of Gungun is not that good because she always pranks other people and even ruins everything, Kadambari also exclaims that it is not good to be so rude with everyone especially the one who is about to be her mother, Damini’s mother exclaims that she has gotten the habit of doing this all because of their support but she feels they must keep a strict eye on her otherwise she is going to ruin everything. Kadambari signals her to not lie as it is not a good thing but Gungun questions why are they not believing her when she even looks at Radha, Gungun then leaves the hall pulling Radha with her, Mohan is tensed looking at Kadambari.

Gungun taking Radha into the room once again exclaims that she did not hit Damini, Radha replies that she wants to believe she is innocent but Gungun has lied so many times that now no one is going to believe her, Radha turns to leave the room when Gungun vows on her mother that she did not hit Damini, Radha immediately turns back in shock, she sees the hand of Gungun is bleeding so requests her to allow her to apply the bandage but Gungun refuses to allow her saying that she can only touch her hand if she believe that Gungun did not hit Damini, Radha accepts that she did not do anything, requesting Gungun to let her apply the bandage, Gungun starts to feel the pain, Radha also becomes more careful informing that it is going to sting a bit, she then finally applies the bandage assuring the pain is going to end, Radha thinks Gungun will never vow on her mother if it is not the truth, she gets tensed wondering if Damini is the one lying.

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