Radha Mohan 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan threatens to break the engagment with Damini

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Gungun starts suffocating, seeing which Radha also questions what happened but everyone is really worried and Radha tries to request her to drink some water after which she will be fine, Damini’s mother mentions she has once again started the drama and should have waited for the breakfast to be completed as her daughter made a lot of efforts, Damini signals her to not say anything. Radha standing beside Gungun exclaims she is really getting sick and even Tulsi exclaims that this is the allergy, Radha in tension calls Kadambari and so they all rush to her side, Radha realizes that something is seriously wrong with Gungun, she calls Mohan jee who rushes out of the room, he is shocked to see Gungun and reveal’s it is the allergy attack, he takes her to the sofa inquiring about the pills, Damini rushes back to the room meanwhile Radha wonders what can she do to help Gungun, she rushes out to the Tulsi plant and starts picking some of the petals. Mohan and Kadambari yell at Damini to hurry, she hands the bottle to Mohan who after checking the date informs it is way beyond the expiry date, Damini replies she did not check as Gungun had not got the attack in quite some time, Kadambari informs there might be an extra bottle in her room so rushes to bring it.

Radha rushes into the kitchen where she is grinding the petals with some ginger and honey meanwhile Mohan asks Kadambari to hurry up, she comes back informing she doesnot have the extra bottle hearing which Mohan exclaims what does she mean when Mohan explains they have to take her to the hospital since she is not breathing, Mohan is walking out with Gungun when Radha stops them, Kadambari questions what is she doing but Radha doesnot listen to anyone and makes Gungun eat the paste, Damini requests Mohan to stop her as it might cause an allergic reaction, Raha explains that her father has studied herbal medicine and in their village there are a lot of cases so she knows nit will work, Mohan in anger mentions there is not any time for this so tries leaving when Kadambari asks Mohan to see that Gungun is waking up, Mohan asks if she is fine as he is always going to be with her, she once again closes her eyes when Kadambari asks Mohan to take her back inside, Kadambari mentions the doctor said that Gungun got better because of the herbal medicine, Mohan is not able to control his emotions when Kadambari explains he must clam down as she is fine, Mohan questions how can she suffer this attack when it did not happen for quite some time, he turns asking Dulari what did she make in the breakfast, she replies Damini made the breakfast.

Damini is standing when Mohan rushes down to the breakfast table, he after eating the pasta shouts at Damini, she rushes downstairs with everyone and asks what happened, he questions why did she put mushrooms in the pasta when she knows that Gungun is allergic to it and the last time, she ate it they had to take her to the hospital. Kadambari tries to calm him mentioning they also made the mistake but he replies that Damini is the one who made the pasta, he questions what was she saying to Radha that they must know how to take care of children, she doesnot even know what the children’s eat and their liking, Damini tries to explain herself but Mohan replies he doesnot know what problem she has with his doctor because this is not the way she would become her mother, Tulsi exclaims this is the first time he has been able to see her true identity and intentions, Ketika seeing the opportunity also starts blaming Damini for what she did, Damini tries to question why would she try to harm Gungun who is his daughter, and she is also going to be her mother, Mohan in anger questions what sort of motherhood is this because she cannot even take care of her and he feels she doesnot love Gungun, Shekar explains Damini would not do anything on purpose as she made the pasta to be nice with Gungun, Mohan questions then what is the reason his daughter is ill since she is the one who cooked it. Damini’s mother tries to take stand for her daughter mentioning she made a mistake but it was not on purpose so he cannot end the engagement with her.

Kadambari questions what is he saying when Damini exclaims that he is the one who has the right to take the decisions but he must know that she is living in this house because of him and if their engagement ends then she would also leave this house, Mohan replies she can do whatever she feels like because he just needs a mother for Gungun, Damini tries to walk away when Kadambari rushes to her, she explains that no one is going anywhere and inquires what is Mohan trying to do as it is just a childish behavior, Mohan replies he had already told them all that he had no intention of marrying anyone for his own relation but just needs someone who can be like a mother to Gungun, and if she is not able to do it then he doesnot want to marry her, Kadambari tries to talk some sense into him but he is really furious, Mohan turns towards his room but Radha assures Damini that Mohan is just angry when Radha stops him explaining that his relation with Damini is not so weak that anyone can break it as she loves him a lot and has taken control of his relations and business, he was the one who would do everything for the relations but is now himself throwing her out of the house, he must think of what will Gungun learn from this, that it is easy to break the relations then to form them, Mohan turns towards Radha, she gets stunned seeing Mohan.

Precap: Radha is with Gungun in her room. Radha smells mushroom in Gungun’s hand and finds one near her and asks what is this Gungun?
Damini touches Ammaji feet and takes her blessings and says don’t try to stop us.
Radha says to Gungun, I trusted you. Gungun says so don’t trust me. Radha says what about your mom? will she feel happy after knowing that her daughter is lying? Radha says you did the mistake, so you will clear out all the things.

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