Radha Mohan 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan buries the belongings of Tulsi

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Radha after apologizing tries to take off the photo but the spirit of Tulsi mentions there is a secret hidden in the photo so she cannot remove it but Radha doesnot stop, Tulsi exclaims Radha must forgive her but before that Mohan enters through the door questioning what is she doing, Radha replies that she is taking off the photo of Tulsi, Mohan asks on whose orders so she takes the name of Damini, who entering the room exclaims Radha got really worried for her sake and so she said that the name of Tulsi came at the time of the cards so why not they remove Tulsi from his life one by one just like this photo, Mohan exclaims they had a talk that this photo would not be changed, Radha thinks that Damini did not tell her this even when she knew the entire truth.

Damini exclaims that Radha is innocent and doesnot know that she is not only marrying Mohan but also his memories with Tulsi, Mohan said that he wanted this photo so he can remember what kind of marriage he doesnot want, he promises to remove the photo when they get married, Tulsi exclaims she is never going to let this marriage happen and even the photo will not be shifted anywhere. Damini questions what about the other things of Tulsi that are still in his cupboard as Radha is the one who said that if they keep the clothes of the dead wife then it causes a lot of problems in the marriage. Mohan turns to look at Radha who is shocked, Gungun comes to stand in front of Radha questioning why was she trying to remove the photo of Tulsi as this belongs to her mother and all her belongings would always remain here, Damini tries to stop Gungun explaining she must not talk in the matters relating to elders, Gungun warns her to not touch her. Mohan gets furious so going to the wardrobe takes out the belongings and he makes it into a pack, Damini questions what is he doing so he replies that he is ending the chapter of Tulsi because if her belongings will not remain in this house then no problem would be created, he leaves while Damini tries to follow her, Radha tries to stop Damini but she doesnot listen. Both of them follow Mohan who has walked outside the house.

Mohan is standing when Rahul wonders what is this new drama, Kadambari also questions Mohan what is all this when he puts down the belongings explaining he is going to burn everything that belongs to Tulsi and those that are still with him, he is going to burn them all hearing which they all get tensed, Damini’s mother questions why is he burning the jewelry as it is made of gold and even her daughter can use them, as the gold doesnot know who is the owner, Damini signals her mother to stop since Kadambari is really angry. Radha also requests Mohan to stop otherwise the Aatma of Tulsi je would get really angry, Mohan questions why do they burn the person after they die, Radha explains it is believed that if they are burned then the Aatma gets relieved. Mohan realizing this sees a od so rushes to pick it, Kadambari questions if anyone can tell her what is going on. Mohan starts digging a hole mentioning he is not going to let Radha attain the peace because now he is going to bury them all so she remains trapped in this house and suffer just like him, he throws all of the belongings in the hole that he has dug meanwhile everyone is really tensed, Tulsi standing on the balcony doesnot believe what is going on with Mohan, she is shocked seeing how he is throwing everything in the hole.

Radha is really tensed, Mohan while filing the pot recalls all of the beautiful moments spent with Tulsi and how it has ruined him, he manages to cover it all before leaving in frustration, Kadambari follows him inside, Damini and her mother are smiling. Rahul exclaims that the drama of this person would never end as he was going to burn the clothes, Gungun exclaims Mohan is bad man and even Radha is not nice so she doesnot want to listen to her anymore.

Damini is smiling thinking how easily she managed to oust her belongings out of the house so just like that she would remove Tulsi from the house, Radha thinks how Damini lied to Mohan saying she wanted to remove the photo, Damini gets angry but her mother informs if Radha tells the truth to Mohan he will fill hatered in her life so they have to make another story, Damini apologizes that she lied but she felt she is about to get married to Mohan, even then he still just remembers Tulsi even if it is in anger, he wou8ld not have listened to her if she requested him, Radha saw what happened when she took the invitation cards to Mohan, he was calling her as Tulsi even when they are about to get married. Tulsi standing in the balcony requests Radha to not believe Damini as she is just using her innocence, Damini questions how would she feel if her husband had the belongings of some other women, Radha replies Tulsi jee is not any other women, she was the first wife of Mohan jee.

Tulsi exclaims the position which she gave her after dying they did not even give her when she was alive. Radha exclaims she has always taught Gungun to speak the truth then how can she lie as it is really wrong, Damini exclaims she is wrong by loving Mohan, she took care of him and his entire business when Tulsi died and this decision was of Kadambari but she cannot let it happen so is now going to tell the truth to Mohan, her mother tries to stop her when Damini signals her, she acts requesting Damini to not do this as Mohan can never get angry with Radha, but what about her because he broke the relation even when she did not put the mushrooms, but if this relationship ends then his life would be ruined. Damini’s mother requests her to think about Mohan but Damini exclaims she is still going to tell the truth, Radha stops her from behind mentioning she will not tell the truth to Mohan, Damini exclaims she had made a mistake so Radha replies she did it for the right cause, and Bihari jee can also forgive her, she understands how hard it will be for her to live with the memory of Tulsi, she is the only one who can bring happiness in the life of Mohan. Tulsi exclaims that Damini is not going to bring happiness in Mohan’s life but ruin it. Damini hugs Radha, Gungun coming exclaims this is what she desired as she is also like everyone else and this is why she tried to throw the belongings of her mother out of the room. Damini thinks she is amazed with the intent of Radha as she was lecturing her about relations, she plans to use the rift between Radha and Gungun for their advantage.

Radha is following Gungun requesting her to at least listen to what she has to say since she is still on her side but Gungun is running towards her room, Radha stops her pleading that she listen to her, Gungun warns Radha to not touch her and pushes her, Damini then puts her feet behind her with the intent to make her fall but just as she is about to fall Mohan catches Radha, she gets shocked seeing that Mohan jee saved her life.

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