Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Parvati gets bitter towards Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya wishing Parvati for her first rasoi. Parvati gets rude. Ahilya says Khanderao likes kheer a lot. Parvati says it will take time to change his likes. Harku looks on and sends the maids out to get the flour. She scolds Parvati. She says you shouldn’t talk badly to Ahilya, that too in front of the servants. Parvati says there was always a hurdle in my marriage functions, you know the reason, Khanderao and I had to come in the palace together, that rasam also didn’t complete, the bitterness will come in the relation. She taunts Ahilya. Harku says Ahilya is Khanderao’s first wife. Parvati says I m also his wife, if the marriage rituals were same, then I have the same rights. She argues. Harku says I m shocked seeing the bitterness in your heart, Ahilya is his first wife, she had all the rights, but she is sharing everything with love, she accepted you and the marriage, she welcomed you, you don’t understand. Ahilya stops Harku. She says I will ask maids to help you, cook the food with a calm heart and love. She takes Harku with her. Parvati calms her mind and makes the kheer. Harku says Parvati told a lot, you were just hearing her. Ahilya says silence also has a meaning. Harku says so much goodness isn’t good, she didn’t ask for your health, knowing about the poison attack, she is selfish, how will she have a happy life. Ahilya says she is worried, but she isn’t bad, every good person knows goodness someday, think from her side, she will understand gradually. Parvati comes and hears them. Ahilya says every relation is new for her, she will need time. Harku says I m scared that it may get late.

Gautama calls Ahilya. Ahilya goes. Gunu ji gets angry on the accountants again. He says I will take the permissions from Khanderao. He thinks Khanderao will be busy, I will do this myself. He signs his man. He asks the accountants to leave. He asks his man to do an imp work by morning. Gautama asks Ahilya to sit quiet. Ahilya says you don’t touch my feet. Gautama says I told the same to my Sasubai when Khanderao was in my womb, let me check. She sees the swelling in her foot. Ahilya says I have slight pain also. Gautama says I knew it. She calls a lady. Ahilya says you work in the godown, right. The lady jokes. Gautama says Krishna used to handle godown work, now she will do work here, she does massage really well, she will massage your feet and make you do a light exercise also. Khanderao gets Vaid ji. He says Vaid ji will stay in the guest room, and check every medicine given to Ahilya. Harku says I m glad seeing your concern for Ahilya. Ahilya sees Malhar and finds him worried. She thinks is everything fine. Everyone gathers to have dinner. They have a talk. They all have the food. Gautama asks Ahilya does she remember her first rasoi, how she got scolded for Khanderao’s mischief. They smile. Gautama tells them what Khanderao did. She laughs. Dwarka says forget the past thing, its Parvati’s day today. She asks Parvati to ask for a gift from her husband. Khanderao says tell me, what do you want. Parvati says my gift will be due, I will ask when I need, don’t deny then. Dwarka says he can’t refuse, if he forgets, then I will remind him He says sure. Gautama says don’t ask anything that he can’t give you, or he gets into any dilemma. Parvati looks at Ahilya. Rakma says you should have asked for any precious thing. Parvati says I have a precious thing, someone else has a right on it. Rakma asks what are you thinking. Parvati says let the right time come, then I will ask something that just I have the right on that precious thing.

Malhar says I m worried this time. Ahilya says I won’t let anything happen. Gunu ji goes to sit on the throne in Khanderao’s absence.

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