Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Malhar and Khanderao worry for Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Harku saying I had made the food and added the medicine as told by Vaid. Ahilya says don’t blame yourself, someone might have added the poison in the medicine or the medicine had the poison. Malhar asks Gangoba to stay back and look after Ahilya and Khanderao. He says I will be going on the mission for a long time, I really feel that Khanderao can’t take this responsibility for long. Gangoba says thanks for trusting me, don’t worry, be rest assured. Tukoji says yes, you go, we will handle Khanderao. Guard comes and says Choti Rani….

Malhar comes to see Ahilya. He asks how are you. Ahilya says Gautama has seen that in time, I m fine, my baby will also be fine. Dwarka thanks Lord. Malhar throws things in anger. He says someone tried to kill my grandson before birth, I will kill that culprit, I promise. Dwarka thinks did Gunu ji do this. Sushila comes. Gautama folds hands and apologizes. Sushila says you saved Ahilya’s life. Malhar say you have saved my heir’s life. Vaid ji comes. Malhar says you gave the poison to my bahu. Vaid ji asks why would I send the poison. Ahilya asks where is that man by whom you had sent the medicine. Gangoba says we didn’t find that man anywhere. Vaid ji says he was my new student. Malhar says he learnt to add the poison.

Tukoji asks what enmity can the common people have with Ahilya. Malhar asks Gangoba to trace the man. Gunuji kills that man and asks his goons to fill the pit. He says I will keep trying till I succeed. He comes to the palace. He asks Dwarka are you thinking I have done this with Ahilya. She says no, you can’t do this with family, right. He says yes. She says I couldn’t sleep all night, I was upset with Gautama, I thought I will not regard you wrong if you take a wrong move, and then this happened. He says you told me to never hurt the family, I remember. Khanderao and Parvati come home. He worries for Ahilya. He hears Dwarka and Gunu ji talking about the poison attack on Ahilya. He is shocked. Ahilya is at the temple. She thanks Shiv for saving her baby. Harku says you never did wrong with anyone, wrong won’t happen with you. Ahilya says its good that Khanderao isn’t here at this time, he would have done something in anger. Khanderao comes and hugs her. Parvati, Dwarka and Gunu ji look on. Khanderao asks are you fine, is the baby fine, I won’t leave the culprit. Ahilya says I m fine, baby is also fine, you take rest. He says someone tried to snatch the baby from us, I didn’t wish to leave you alone and go. She asks him not to worry. He says enough, I won’t leave you alone. He hugs her. He goes to Malhar. Malhar asks did you meet Ahilya. Khanderao says yes, its good that Gautama saw it at the right time, who was that man. Malhar says that man won’t get saved, I have called you here, won’t you ask why. Khanderao says sorry, why did you call me here. Malhar makes him sit on the throne. He smiles. He gets away. Khanderao asks why did you make me sit here, why. Malhar says you are the future king of Malwa, tell me, where should a king’s focus be. Khanderao says darbar. Malhar asks where else. Khanderao says on the people and justice. Malhar says yes, you should always pay focus on the foundation of this throne, there are enemies that can shake the foundation and snatch the throne. Khanderao asks who is that enemy. Malhar says it can be anyone, remember this, I m be leaving for a mission tomorrow, you have to protect the throne and the foundation.

Ahilya talks to Parvati with love. Parvati argues with her rudely.

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