Parineeti 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Sukhwinder doesn’t see Rajiv

Parineeti 8th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari says to Chandrika don’t worry Rajiv will be home. Gurinder asks Chanrdika where is Rajiv? Why is he not downstairs? Pari brings Sukhwinder and says this is my choti maa. Gurinder introduces herself. Sukhwinder says I am here for my daughter’s wedding. You’re all invited. Gurinder says we will come for sure. Pari wonders if Neeti would like it. Gurinder says to Chandrika why are you so careless. Chandrika says let me ask him again. Rajiv sneaks in the house. He hides Sukhwinder’s bag. Gurinder calls Rajiv. Pandit ji says we need to start the pooja. Everyone gathers for pooja. Simi looks at Pari. Pandit ji starts the pooja. Rajiv comes and joins her. Sukhwinder doesn’t notice him. Suddenly the fire causes smoke everywhere. Sukhwinder is about to see Rajiv but she coughs and closes her eyes. Rajiv helps Sukhwinder out of the hall but she doesn’t see his face. Pari takes Gurinder out of the hall.

Pari gets happy seeing how Rajiv is caring for Sukhwinder. Pari brings rose water. Simi says pandit ji is saying we need to start the pooja. Pari falls.. Rajiv holds her with his eyes closed. He says take me out too my eyes are burning. Rajiv says I feel comfortable when you’re around. She brings water to wash his eyes. Gurinder and Sukhwinder feel better. Pari wipes Rajiv’s face. Sukwinder sees his back and says they both look so good together. Rajiv and Pari sit in front to do pooja. Rajiv’s back is still against Sukhwinder.

Scene 2
Neeti asks the driver to take the cab. He says there’s a strike in the city. Neeti calls Rajiv. Gurinder scolds him in background to turn his phone off during pooja. She takes his phone. Neeti is disappointed. Rajiv takes his phone back when Gurinder closes her eyes. He takes the call. Neeti tells him there’s a strike in the city and she’s stuck. Rajiv says I will pick you in 10 minutes. He tells Pari I need to go for something urgent please handle things here.

Rajiv comes to pick Neeti. She is happy to see him. Neeti says thanks for saving my mom’s bag. Did she like you? Rajiv says yes she liked me a lot. Neeti says she’s got the perfect son in law she must be so happy. He says I hope I have impressed her. Rajiv says let’s pick your mom too on the way from your friend’s place. She says yes let’s go there. Pari gives prasad to everyone after the pooja. Rajiv is on his way as per Neeti’s direction.

Episode ends

Precap-Rakesh’s man sees Pari in the market. He informs Rakesh and they chase her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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