Parineeti 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari tries to tell her feelings to Rajiv

Parineeti 31st May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari says I know you would never go away from me. I was just so scared but I trust my fate completely. Nothing would go wrong. I trust you the most. You will never do anything wrong with me. It feels like a fairytale. You will always be fair to me. I don’t know why I become so crazy when it comes to you. I don’t know what to do. But.. late. He says if I don’t pick up your call next time you can text me. I will call you back and please don’t say all this. I am a normal person. She says you’re the most special for me. Can you take me to the temple tomorrow? I wanna go there. He says it’s okay. She leaves. Rajiv thinks about what she said.

Everyone sits down to eat. Rajiv says the food it too good. Chandrika says Pari made it. Amit loved it too. Everyone loved it. Rajiv says you mad gajar halwa pari. Can you teach me how to make it? She says sure. He says thank you. Amit says you wanna impress her and learn from her? She will question you.. He says I am learning so I can cook later for her. Pari falls. Rajiv holds her. He says I won’t always be there. Walk carefully. She says I know you will always be there. Rajiv calls Neeti. She says I’ve something important tomorrow. Can we go to see the dress day later? She says what’s more important than our wedding? He says nothing. We will meet at 11.

Pari says to Rajiv you can sleep on the bed. He says I won’t be able to go to the temple with you. I have urgent office work. She says I wanna go with you only. He says we can go next week then. Pari sleeps. Rajiv looks at heer.

Scene 2
Vicky sees Neeti’s photo in his closet. He says I only want to see you happy. I will always pray for your happiness. Pari gives Rajiv arti. Chadrika says wow love birds. Rajiv says tea.. Pari says I will make it. Chandrika says she’s there to make tea for you. Rajiv says I have to go. Chandrika says Pari was the best decision of your life. She can do anything for you. She’s so caring. No one cares for you like she does. Pari cooks. Simi comes and takes the tea. She says do you have any problem? Pari says I made it for everyone. She says wow what a cultured DIL. Pari’s phone rings. Simi picks. It’s Vicky. She says your sister is busy doing house chores. He says Simi ji? She says you can call your sister later for secrets. He says nothing secret. Just ask her to call her friend. Simi says Neeti? do you have any affair with her? But who would date you. He says we’re both Neeti’s friend. Nothing else.

Pari brings breakfast for Rajiv. She asks how is it? He says nice. Pari is happy that Rajiv liked it. She dances around. Rajiv says I forgot my wallet. She gets awkward. Rajiv shuts the door. It hits her head. Rajiv says I am so sorry. I didn’t see. He applies ice pack on her forehead. Rajiv says I’ve to go now. He stops. Pari says what happened? He says nothing. Neeti calls him. She says where are you? We’ve to get mangalsutra? He says are you there? I am just leaving. He says to Pari I am leaving. Pari asks what would you eat in lunch? He says I won’t eat at home. She says I can drop it to your office. He says don’t you dare to come to my office.

Episode ends

Precap: Pari says to Rajeev, yesterday while praying, diya went off and I felt like someone is stealing someone close to me, let’s go to temple and pray. He says okay. Neeti calls Rajeev and says we are going for Mangalsutra shopping and so I have taken leave. Rajeev tells Pari, I can’t come with you.
While shopping, Rajeev sees same mangalsutra as the one that Pari wears and says take any, but not this.
Pari is cooking, her mangalsutra breaks.

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