Parineeti 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 30th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajiv says will you share me half half with her? Neeti leaves in anger. Pari says why do I feel so weird. Vicky comes back. Mandeep says where were you? I was waiting. He says I was stuck in traffic. Taiji says don’t scold him he looks so tired. Vicky says how do you know I am tired? Taiji says I have raised you I know when you feel what. She asks him to stop the car. Taiji sees bruises on his hands and neck. Mandeep says did you fight with anyone? He says who would I fight with? Taiji says did you meet Rakesh? He says why would I? Mandeep says did you meet Neeti’s fiance? Taiji says what? Mandeep says wasn’t he a good guy and you hit him? Mandeep says Neeti got engaged with a guy when she went to the city. No one knows about her engagement. Her fiance’s family wasn’t there either. Vicky says yes but.. mandeep says something is wrong. Who gets engaged with just friends only? Taiji asks Vicky what’s the truth? He says it’s on true. Taiji asks why didn’t her family come? He says it’s not like that.

Pari prays. Chandrika says everything will be okay. Pari says I feel like I am losing something. Chandrikha says I am with you and Rajiv is the most important for you. He’d never leave you. Pari prays for Rajiv and Neeti. Pari says I need to talk to Neeti. Chandrika says Rajiv will always be yours. Pari says I can lose neither of them. Rajiv stops Neeti. She says what’s mine is mine. I don’t like such jokes. I can still say no. He says I am sorry. I will be your servant, I will cook, I will make halwa. She says if you make halwa I will love you double. He says I will make it right away. He says don’t ever leave me. She says you are enough for me.

Scene 2
Taiji says this Neeti has any shame? She ran with a guy and now marrying someone else? Her mom is a widow. She will be so hurt. Vicky says don’t be mad at her. She never ran with a guy. She ran to make her dreams come true. She ran to get a job. I made her run. I helped her. It was her dad’s dream too. Now she’s an air hostess too. Now she likes a guy and want to settle down what’s wrong with that? Who would help her? She’s very nice. She’s done many favors on us. Neeti always helped Pari. She risked her life to save Pari from the bank. Please don’t say anything to her mom.

Pari calls Neeti. She asks are you okay? Neeti says I am fine. Pari says should I come there? Neeti says we’re getting married in 4 days. We’ve decided. Pari says I am so happy. Take care of yourself. Neeti says to Sanju I won’t invite anyone from my family. He says I dont’ care about anyone. It’s our wedding. We will live our life our way.

Scene 3
Taiji comes to Sumatra’s. She says I was coming from your home. Biji loved the food. Taiji says Vicky meet Neeti in Chandigarh. She says Neeti is dead for me. She defamed the whole family and ran with a guy.

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