Parineeti 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 28th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari asks how is your hand? He says better. She says I am so proud, you were saving someone. I was running after you. You’re a very nice person. Thank you. Neeti gets ready. She opens the door. It’s Vicky.. She says you? He says I got this medicine for you. She says come in. She says would you like tea? He says yes but.. He says I will make it. She says thank you. Neeti calls Rajiv. He says I won’t calls Neeti and says I won’t be able to come. She says my friend is here from the village. I wanted to introduce you. He says sorry. Vicky gives her teaa. She says when Pari was here, I was so happy. She would make me tea every day. Thanks for making it today. Mandeep said to Vicky this situation doesn’t feel right. You should go and check if this guy is right. How can his family not come to the engagement? Vicky asks Neeti if he can see her engagement photos. She says yes let me get them. Vicky says in heart Neeti is very smart. SHe would never be with a guy who would cheat on her.

Pari asks Tai if she can make prasad? She says yes. She asks where is Rajiv? Pari says he went to office. Tai ji says he goes to office so early these days. Pari asks will mummy ji come too? Tai ji says no why would she. It’s not a wedding just a pooja. Pari asks Chandrika did I say anything wrong? She says no. This house is like that, everyone lives together but they aren’t really together.

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