Parineeti 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajiv and Neeti choose their mangalsutra

Parineeti 1st June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajiv says don’t come to my office. My friends are there. I will come home. He leaves. She says I can cook for your friends. How many friends do you have? He says 5-6? He runs out. Pari thinks of cooking for his friends too.

Neeti waits for Rajiv. The manager says may I help you? She says no I am witing for my fiance. They give her juice. The manager says till he comes I can show you my new designs. Neeti says sure. The waiter brings juice. The manager says didn’t I train you to bring it when they’re viewing the collection. Neeti says it’s okay. Two women also come in. Neeti collides with them. Then woman says can’t you see? Neeti says let me clean it. The woman she talks so much. The woman says girls like you should go to market. Neeti says you remind me of my grandmom. The women say you called us old? Neeti says enjoy shopping. Neeti waits for Sanju. She says to Rajiv how did you get late? He says sorry I got stuck. He does ups and downs. She says it’s okay. They see mangalsutra together. She says if you were late I would choose it myself. The woman says this is our best piece. Neeti says I love it. Rajiv recalls Pari wearing the same mangalsutra. He says don’t get it. It reminded me of someone. She says did you make someone else wear it? She laughs. Rajiv says nothing.. She gives him water. Pari cuts her hand. Rajiv says a girl who lost her husband. Neeti says who’s she? Rajiv says I saw a girl in the bank. She was wearing the same mangalsutra. The robbers shot her husband. Neeti says don’t think about it. Relax. It was a nightmare. He says it keeps flashing behind my eyes. I don’t know what’s wrong. Pari calls him. He says it’s an office call.

Pari calls. Rajiv says stop calling me. What’s your problem? I am very busy this week. Don’t call me again. Rajiv and Neeti see more designs.. She says you’re such a nice guy. You feel the pain of others. He says only you’re important to me. I love you. She says I wasn’t talking about love. She says sometimes we relate to things others face. You’re thinking about her. She lost her husband. He says yes I feel bad for her. I am marrying you and her husband is going away from me. She says far awya? You said he died. He says I mean.. She lost him.

Pari is worried. She says it can’t be a bad omen. The maid says it’s actually a bad omen. She asks what happened? Pari says my mangalsutra almost fell. Neeti asks Rajiv how do you know she was recently married? He says she was wearing bangles. She says were you looking at her? Would you leave me at the wedding venue and go to her? He says I can’t even think about any girl. You’re the only person in my life. I love you so so much. She says what have you done for me? He recalls he said to his mom to let him find the girl of his dream. She said you’ve tonight only or we will go to Gurpreet to fix your marriage with Pari. Rajiv said to his mom Pari isn’t the kind of girl I want to live my life with. His mom said you can marry her and be free and do what you want. Neeti asks what happened? He says I fasted for you. She laughs and says girls fast. Men break the hearts of other girls. He says what if I say I am breaking a girl’s heart to marry you.

Episode ends

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