Pandya Store 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with goons coming to the land. Dev says they are coming towards us. Gautam says I can see, don’t worry, I m here. Dev says your hands are shaking. The goon scolds them. Dev makes a puppy face. Papa to band bajaye….plays… Dev asks Gautam to be careful. He says this land is ours, Dev, get the papers. Dev gets the papers. The goon checks the papers and tears it. Dhara is washing clothes at home. Rishita says we will renovate this house. She shows the pics. Suman says land money didn’t come by now, I m making a woollen cap for the baby. Rishita says I will leave the baby in the nursery. Suman says no, a cat will come and pick the baby. Rishita says we will cancel the nursery plan. Suman says best. She winks to Dhara and smiles. Gautam and Dev try to fight the goons. The goons laugh and lift them in air. They throw Gautam and Dev down. Dev says I think we are going to die. Gautam says shut up, see how I fight them. Dev says they will beat you to pulp. Gautam says let me focus. He runs to the goon. The goon punches his face. Gautam comes back to Dev. He says if they know we are weak, then we will lose this land, we have to fight. They try to run away. Goons stop them. Prafulla asks Raavi why doesn’t she come to meet her Maasi. Raavi says I never got a chance to come there. Prafulla asks why are you so happy, what happened. Raavi says everyone is going good, our land is sold, Pandya store will be fixed, its Shiva’s birthday and we are going to party, I know I m not unlucky. Prafulla says right. Raavi leaves. Prafulla says they don’t let me stay happy, they have got Raavi on their side again, I will not lose. Gautam and Dev get up. Goons leave. Rishita says we will make a cake. Dhara says black forest.
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