Pandya Store 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara makes a plan against Kamini

Pandya Store 31st May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi and Shiva having a romantic talk. She says I can stay hungry for my hero all life, I m keeping a fast, I can’t forget that my step in this house isn’t good. He asks her not to think so. He says this family completed since you came here, focus on bringing Dev and Rishita back. Dhara calls them.

Gautam shows the necklace to Dhara. Dhara shows it to Suman. She says it’s the same necklace which we took for Rishita, I got this from the thief’s cupboard. Suman signs her. Dhara says we will celebrate the fast there, I can’t leave them alone, we will get Dev and Rishita home. Krish says you should have given the necklace to Rishita. Raavi says no, Kamini would have blamed me. Gautam says we know Kamini has stolen this. Dhara says we can’t tell this to her, our two men have to become enemies and steal this necklace. Gautam asks how will I get such sincere thieves. Shiva says I will arrange, my friends will help. Dhara asks Suman to remember her promise. Suman takes the ball. Dhara says all your children will be home today. Suman blesses all of them. Kamini tells a plan to Kalyani. She says when Rishita falls down, she will be sure that Dhara did this, she will never doubt us, we will hold Rishita. Kalyani says I feel scared.

Kamini says fine, don’t worry, we won’t do this. She thinks it’s a big defeat that Rishita doesn’t go there, I will do this at any cost. Dhara and family come home. Dev asks Rishita to have fruits. She says it was my first fast. He says its not the last fast, I kept the fast for you and baby. Dhara and everyone come. Krish asks did you three decide to fix the gajra, is everyone following Gautam. Rishita hugs Dhara. She says you all will attend the function as my Sasural, not servants. Dev hugs Dhara. Dhara says don’t feel guilty that you aren’t able to keep the fast, we all have kept a fast. Rishita smiles. Dhara gives the clothes. He asks why did you spend money on the clothes. She says I have done the embroidery myself. Rishita says its really good. Dhara says there is another thing. Gautam signs her. Dhara gives the necklace to Rishita. Rishita says no, return this, you are already in debt. Dhara says I m giving you my thing, don’t refuse, if you wear this, then I will be glad. Raavi says you are giving her necklaces, you didn’t keep anything for me, give it to me. Rishita says no, I will wear it, Dhara got it with love. She wears it. Dhara compliments her.

They all go and meet Kamini. Kamini says you aren’t servants today, but Rishita’s Sasural, come. She asks Dhara how did she like the puja items. Dhara says it will be good if you did this. Kamini gives her the thread ball and asks her to tie the thread wherever Rishita goes. Dhara says I didn’t hear about this ritual. Kamini asks her to do it. Dhara says you made this rasam, I wish you get exposed. She signs Shiva. Gautam and everyone do the puja. Janardhan says you forgot to water the plants today, sorry, I forgot, you are my relatives today. Shiva gets a call. He asks his friends to come when he signs them. Shiva asks Gautam why does Dhara give everything to Dev first, she didn’t give me such kurta. Gautam says she will make it for you also. Dev greets Gautam. Gautam says this kurta suits you, you can ask Rishita. Dev smiles seeing Shiva. Rishita comes there. Kamini and Kalyani get shocked seeing the necklace she is wearing. Kamini thinks how did she get this necklace, I can’t even ask her. Dhara thinks to bring Kamini’s truth out by using the necklace.

Rishita is about to fall down. Dhara and Raavi hold her. Kamini accuses Dhara for trying to kill Rishita’s baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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