Pandya Store 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara fails Kamini’s plan

Pandya Store 30th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini lying and framing Dhara. Dhara is shocked. She starts crying and falls in Kamini’s feet. She apologizes. She says I didn’t do this intentionally, its not my mistake, you know it, I told you that material clothes can’t get ironed with the cotton clothes, I didn’t know you will angrily put your hand in between, I was trying to save you, but Lord punishes those he wants, Rishita will feel I have done this intentionally. Rishita says no, you are mistaken. Dhara says you misunderstood me when I went out to get help, Kamini got hurt because of me, I will also get the same pain now. She takes the iron to burn her hand. Dev and Rishita stop Dhara. Dhara says let me burn my hand, I m proving my innocence. He asks her to calm down. She asks will they fire me from job. She asks Kamini not to punish her family. Gautam, Shiva and Krish smile. Dhara says we need money and this job. She cries and says I didn’t do this. Dev consoles and hugs her.

Shiva says Dhara shouldn’t look Dhara today. Gautam says Dhara handled Kamini well. Rishita says you can’t hurt anyone till now. Dhara hugs and says thanks. She sees Raavi. They smile. Raavi asks Kamini to come, she will apply the ointment to her hand. She applies the ointment. Kamini says slowly. Raavi says you have got own loss. She taunts Kamini and Kalyani that Rishita didn’t believe them and won’t believe in future also. Kalyani says it was our loss. Kirti comes and asks about the puja. Kamini says its Rishita’s first Vat Savitri puja, we will celebrate it well. Kalyani and Kamini buy the clothes and jewellery for Rishita. Rishita likes a necklace. She takes a saree and necklace. Kalyani asks for whom did you do this. Rishita says I will make the payment for these things. She gives the money. She goes to Dhara and Raavi. She gives them the clothes and jewellery for Vat Savitri puja. Raavi says no need. Rishita says its from my savings. She asks Dhara how is the saree, did she like it. Dhara says its good. Rishita kisses her and goes.

Raavi says you are happy for the gift or Rishita’s love. Dhara says Rishita’s love, her heart is melting, we will get Rishita after this puja or become strangers for her. Kalyani asks them to do puja with them, they kept a big puja at home tomorrow. Dhara says we all want to celebrate together, now Rishita’s house is our house, we will celebrate her first fast, thanks for inviting us. Kalyani looks for her saree. Dhara’s necklace falls down. Dhara comes there and looks on. She gets shocked seeing the necklace with Kamini. She says my doubt was right, she has the necklace, I can see the way to take Rishita home. She records Kamini. She says necklace isn’t seen clearly. She thinks to take the pic. The phone gets off. She says I would have exposed Kamini if I had got the pic, I can’t show the necklace to Rishita, what shall I do. Kamini turns. Dhara hides. Kamini says this necklace and Rishita will never go back to Pandya house. She leaves.

Everyone comes home. Gautam asks what shall we do tomorrow. Dhara says they gave us an idea of a good plan, Gautam has to do an imp plan tomorrow. Its morning, Raavi sees the sindoor and smiles. Shiva romantically does poetry and fills sindoor in her maang. She asks how does he become a poet these days. He says I do poetry seeing your face, tell me if you don’t like it, I will become goon Shiva. She says no. He shows the Gajra. She smiles. He ties it to her hair. Dev gets the Gajra for Rishita and ties it. Aaj se teri….plays… Rishita says Gautam… Dev worries. She says this is Gautam’s style to fix Gajra in wife’s hair. Dev says yes, I will get his qualities, I love you a lot. He hugs her. Raavi gets shy. Shiva compliments her. Dev sees Rishita getting shy and falls on the bed. She asks what happened. He says nothing, I saw you getting shy for the first time, I m thinking to open a flower shop for you. Krish says I have kept everything. Dhara asks for kalash. He runs to get it. Dhara prays. She says its our last chance to bring Dev and Rishita back, help us, bless us that we bring them home. Suman looks on.

Dhara says we did all the planning, we will bring Dev and Rishita home. Rishita falls. Dhara and Raavi hold her. Kamini says Dhara tried to kill Rishita’s baby once again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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